7 ways to rainproof your skin at home


Love the rains, but can’t tackle monsoon skin woes? Fret not and try out our rainproof skincare tips.

Pitter patter of rain, lush greenery, petrichor and ginger tea – who doesn’t love the monsoon? While the rain showers lift our mood after a scorching summer, it takes a toll on our skin, making it oily, sticky and dull. Here are seven rainproof ways that will leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant, no matter what the weather.

Take extra care of your health during monsoon. What you eat will eventually show on your skin. Gorge on foods like soups, stir fries and curries. A light, well-balanced diet supplemented with green leafy vegetables and salads will keep the skin looking fresh and dewy. Opt for green tea with a hint of cinnamon to keep acne and pimples at bay.

Cleanse well
During monsoon, the skin can either become very dry or very oily. It is important to cleanse it properly. Avoid harsh cleansers and perfumed soaps. For normal skin, use a soap-free, mild cleanser, for dry skin, use a cream-based cleanser and for acne prone or oily skin, use a salicylic acid-based cleanser during the day and a soap free cleanser at night. Follow this up with a Ph-balanced toner. Toning your skin with lavender oil will also prevent infections and eruptions. 

Exfoliate regularly
An exfoliating serum infused with salicylic acid is a good idea, because the chances of developing acne are higher during this season. An exfoliant will not only keep the skin looking young, but will also remove dead cells and clogged pores. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, exfoliate twice or thrice a week.

In your weekly face mask, play around with ingredients like aloe vera, neem and tea tree oil to clear oily skin. For dry skin, use a homemade concoction of lemon, honey and yogurt. While multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth) helps to cleanse the pores, a mask with papaya helps to banish the tan. But if you are hard pressed for time, you can always opt for a ready to apply mask.

Upgrade your moisturiser
An oil-free moisturizer will prevent the skin from becoming too oily. Invest in a gel-based moisturizer to avoid the stickiness. For dry skin, blend ground almonds with milk and apply the paste on the skin.

Block out the sun
The skies may be cloudy, but don’t ditch the sunscreen during the rainy season. Always use a broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen with SPF 30 or more 20 minutes before you step out.

Waterproof make-up
Make mineral-based make-up your BFF for the humid months. Avoid layering your face with cream-based products. Remember that anything cakey will attract bacteria and cause acne. So, if you are going to wear make-up, pick something light and waterproof.


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