7 ways to revamp your salon menu cost-effectively


Hitting refresh once in a while on your salon menu is sure to earn your clients’ favour. Here are seven interesting yet cost-effective ways that will give an upward push to your profit graph.

A tranquil setting, bright cushions, colossal bay windows, brass lamps, long mirrors, attractive products sitting on vintage shelves and a warm staff – your salon looks like a dream. But to charm your clients, you need more than just that – a refurbished salon menu. Here’s how.

1. Fresh look
Rather than just reprinting the age-old menu, set aside some time every couple of months to brainstorm on the price list with your team to make it really sell for you. Make sure you do your homework – from the latest trends to festive promotions and services based on the season.

2. Get creative
Why hire a graphic designer when you can get design ideas and inspiration by downloading an app on your Smartphone? You could even run a contest for your team members – the best design gets a surprise gift.

3. Go paper-free
The most cost-effective way to revamp your salon menu is to go paper-free. Stop printing menus. You will find it easier to introduce new services without the cost of printing. Keep posting about happy clients, newly added services and offers on social media. But make sure you don’t go overboard.

4. Instagram it
Gone are the days when clients visited the salon, breezed through the menu and selected a service. Clients today would love to see your work before signing up for a service. It’s a good idea to show off your work on Instagram. Talk about your unique salon services and product reviews in your stories. Team up with an expert and go live to sort your clients’ hair and beauty woes.

5. What they need
There might be some services that work well for a particular season or gender. Highlight these services and focus on them. Make sure the salon menu caters to different kinds of people, including men.

6. Chalkboard décor
Instead of a takeaway flyer that will sooner or later get lost, invest in a budget-friendly chalkboard. Chalk design is a gorgeous way to draw attention to the special treatments of the day. Handwritten calligraphy will add a personal touch, too.

7. Extend special offers

Extend special offers on treatments as many clients are price sensitive. In order to get them to experience a treatment for the first time, an add-on complimentary service of a minimal value is a great idea. A ‘first-time special’ is a good way to warmly open your arms to new clients.



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