BBLUNT Academy: Learning from the masters


Adhuna Bhabani and Avan Contractor of BBLUNT are pioneers in the industry. For them, the BBLUNT Academy is their backbone as they implicitly believe in quality and training.

“One of the most important things I learned on my journey is that ‘Knowledge is power, but only when shared.’ The BBLUNT Academy is built on that philosophy,” states Adhuna Bhabani.

BBLUNT salons have come a long way from the first door opening in 1998 to the 17 outlets it currently has, and from the first Bollywood hair styling debut to the 50 plus movies that followed. However, an important driving force of this growth has been the BBLUNT Academy. “I remember the first thing I said to Avan when she came on board was to have an academy with a home-grown team of stylists. It just felt right! Our primary goal had always been to create an army of hairdressers who are open and honest in the work that they do. As a hairdresser, I admired Vidal Sassoon and another one of our goals was to take the best aspects of what I’ve learned from them and create that for ourselves in India,” recalls Adhuna.

Training the right way

BBLUNT Academy believes in encouraging all hairdressers to educate themselves about new techniques, keep themselves updated on technology, stay ahead of the trend to be the best hairstylist they can be. Education is a continuous process. And that’s why they have Advanced Academy Course. It is a one-week full-time course to exploit the full impact of this high-end training course.

For freshers, they offer Foundation Course. This six-month part time course is divided into five intense segments of five weeks each and covers all key techniques. The course finishes with a theory and practical exam, followed by the BBLUNT soiree and graduation ceremony.

Salon Essentials is a four-week full-time course. It is designed for the recently qualified stylists and hairdressers who need to polish and refine their classic techniques. BBLUNT Academy also offers a week long, full-time course in Barbering. It covers classic shapes, fashion-focused work, shape refinement, and scissor-over-comb technique.

BBLUNT keeps reinventing its courses to keep up with the trends and times, paying special attention to the strengths of the students, and working together to attain finesse that is on par with the international standards of styling.

“The beauty of hair styling is that it is completely democratic. Anyone, from any walk of life can become a hairstylist. The thing that really excites me is to see people who started in our academy with no prior experience, either own a salon, work on films, or become celebrity stylists. There is nothing more fulfilling than that,” concludes Adhuna.

Can be put in a box


  • The B in BBLUNT stands for Bhabani and Adhuna’s favourite haircut, the Bob.
  • BBLUNT was conceptualised as the first-of-its-kind ‘destination hair salon’ in India.
  • Osh Bhabani was Adhuna’s and Avan’s first student. He is Adhuna’s brother and Creative Director at BBlunt.
  • “Osh has been one of our most successful stylists to date,” says Adhuna.



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