Bharti Taneja: Adding Lustre to the Beauty Industry


Beauty veteran Bharti Taneja has been in the industry for over three decades. Her story is inspiring and motivating, her achievement is a milestone.

The founder and director of ALPS Beauty Group, Bharti Taneja envisions ‘Beauty’ as a strong skill to empower women. She aims to help women find a job and hone their entrepreneurial skills. “When a woman becomes an entrepreneur she not just gives employment to other women, she also gives them courage to dream big and realise it,” she says. Her firm belief on – ‘find  your passion, focus on it, be honest, work hard and see how life changes’ – makes her one of the most sought-after women entrepreneurs of the industry.

Bharti has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including Rajdhani Ratan Award 1997, Excellence Award by Institute of Economic Studies 2015, Prashasti Samman National Award for Excellence in Beauty & Wellness 2016, Gold Star Awards Indo Nepal Harmony Awards 2017 and Rashtriya Ekta Award, to name a few.

She holds a degree in Magneto Therapy, Aromatherapy and Ayurved Acharya., along with B.Sc and B.Ed. She has a Diploma in Russian language as well. As an educator, she has been conducting beauty seminars since 1992, educating and empowering more women across all sections of the society.

The beginning

Bharti Taneja started her own salon in 1988 with a meagre amount of two thousand rupees only. “Beauty industry was not as big as you see it today,” she shares. Armed with passion and a strong will, she went ahead and transformed the Indian beauty industry. In no time, Bharti founded ALPS Beauty Group.

With her vision, she transformed Indian salons into skincare clinics. She further claims to bring the spotlight on swadeshi and indigenous beauty concoction by using them for facials. Soon, her facials created a sensation in the beauty world, and Bharti Taneja was bestowed with the title of ‘The Golden Lady” by women across the country.

The challenges

However, it hasn’t been an easy-breezy road to success for Bharti. She had her own set of challenges and hardships. Arthritis tried to slow her down in the early years of her career. Due to the severe pain, she could not stand or move for over a year. But she did not stop working. “My passion for beauty saved me,” she says. Soon, with a disciplined lifestyle and willpower, she beat arthritis and proved that ‘where there’s a will there’s a way.’

Skilling India

Bharti works closely with NGOs for cancer patients and provides them free beauty treatments. “Every step counts. Together, we can beat cancer,” she believes. A share of her earnings goes toward the education of underprivileged kids. The Bharti Taneja Foundation offers free training and job placement assistance to economically underprivileged youth.

Bharti resonates with women from all walks of life who are walking or have walked on the tightrope of work-life balance. A mother of two daughters, she has always taught her daughters to be honest, humble and brave enough to fight challenges and follow their passion.

Over three decades have passed, but even today she works with the same energy, zeal and aim to empower women. “When you empower a woman, the whole family prospers,” she signs off.


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