Break the rules, says Dove


Through a social experiment with a group of young girls, Dove challenges rules of beauty.

Dove has always portrayed real women in its campaigns. Recently, it started the No Digital Distortion Mark initiative in its deodorant campaigns. In keeping with the brand ideology of beauty, Dove carried out a social experiment with a group of young girls.

The girls were invited to select a face for the beauty feature of an international fashion magazine. The film capturing this experiment shows some raw and revealing discussions on what qualifies as beautiful for girls these days. This experiment was captured in a video titled The Perfect 10. Through this film, Dove sends out a powerful message – one that questions the narrow, rigid and preconceived ideas of beauty. The message of the film is encapsulated in the hashtag – #LetsBreakTheRulesOfBeauty.

The ‘Dove Girls Beauty and Confidence Report (2017)’ had revealed some unsettling statistics about how Indian women, especially young girls, perceive beauty. The most disconcerting of these is that 6 in 10 Indian girls do not have high body esteem and feel the pressure to look beautiful. The report also revealed that 76% of Indian women believe it is critical to meet certain beauty standards and 71% cited increasing pressures from advertising and media to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty as a key force in driving appearance anxiety.

Dove’s campaign draws attention to these findings and sheds light on the reality that beauty stereotypes are rooted so deep in our society, that even girls as young as 10 are unable to escape them. The next generation is growing up in a world where our idea of beauty is not free of filters and airbrushing.

Under the ‘No Digital Distortion Mark’ initiative, Dove will roll out their new static ads by 2nd January 2019.


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