Cherag Bammboat: Making magic with make-up


We get make-up maestro Cherag Bammboat to tell us about his fulfilling journey in the world of professional beauty.

With over 15 years of experience in Bollywood, celebrity make-up artist and founder of Magical Makeovers, Cherag Bammboat, has worked with the who’s who of tinsel town. The make-up veteran speaks about how he strikes a fine balance between professional makeup assignments and running his own academy.

Stepping into the glam, glam world

A certified lawyer, Cherag was in his early 20’s when he started his journey as a freelance make-up artist. “Although I had no experience in the field of make-up, I started off by dressing my friends,” he recounts. The biggest challenge in Cherag’s life at that point was to convince his parents to let him choose a profession that seemed more like a hobby on the outside. “My mother is an eye surgeon and my father is an automobile engineer. So, you can imagine how tough it would have been to convince them,” he says.
Cherag’s inspiration comes from a simple rule of life – ‘Work is worship’. “I worship my work. And when your work is good, no one can take it away from you. While working with celebrities might seem alluring, it’s a daunting task to be on your feet for 12 hours. The industry is volatile and there are times when the payment doesn’t come for six months. What’s worse, your unavailability can cost you your job. Make-up artists are easily replaceable,” he highlights.

Experience matters

Cherag began his career with a seven-year-long journey with M.A.C Cosmetics. During these years, he upgraded himself on the theoretical level and carved his own niche as a make-up artist. “Most Indian make-up artists believe that make-up is all about art and colour. But more than that, make-up is about the right technique of application,” he shares. Apart from M.A.C, Cherag has worked with many renowned brands like Kryolan, Clarins, Lancôme, Bodyography®, Colorbar and L’Oréal Paris. He also travels across the world, sharing his knowledge.

Associated with the most sought after names in Bollywood, Cherag is known to have done magical transformations for innumerable clients. “From Sushmita Sen to Simi Garewal, Salman Khan to Lady Gaga and Lauren Gottlieb to Anushka Sharma, all my A-list clients encouraged me to come up with my own academy,” he affirms. His dream came true when he launched Magical Makeovers in 2009. Today, the academy has seven branches across Mumbai. He  recently bagged a CIDESCO (Switzerland) qualification as well. “Today, at the age of 37, I run the academy single-handed. I not only supervise the practice of my students, but also help them with placements,” he shares.

Love thy art
When asked what he loves the most about his job, Cherag says, “I love empowering people. I want to make their lives worthwhile by educating them without any language or caste barriers. As long as the intention is pure and there’s a willingness to learn, everyone is welcome at Magical Makeovers,” he says, smiling candidly.

His biggest achievement is styling lady Gaga. “It’s an honour to be the first Indian artist to have worked with her,” he confides. Cherag insists that to be a good make-up artist, one needs to have an artistic inclination and love nature and its colours. “You must feel the need to create beautiful things from the bottom of your heart. It’s equally important to be loving and selfless, to understand and empathise, to admit learning is an endless process, to forego the ego, to remain unaffected by progress of others, and focus on your own journey with a light heart,” he elaborates.

Speaking about the most common mistakes that Indian make-up artists make, he stresses that the Indian artists are insecure about their jobs. “Many make-up artists get into the industry for the money rather than passion. Many trainers, on the other hand, refrain from sharing knowledge, and deliberately keep tips and tricks to themselves,” he regrets.

The fabulous teacher that he is, Cherag has trained more than 1000 students till date. “We offer courses from grooming to professional makeup. They can range anywhere between eight months to a year. My students become members for a lifetime once they join the academy, and I’m ready to help them even after they’re done with the course. I also work with closely with a Khoja Trust, to share my learning with the less fortunate ones,” he shares.

Cherag insists that upgrading is a very necessary part in life in every field including make-up. “As a make-up artist, you have to keep abreast with the new trends, techniques and products,” he says.

According to him, the biggest make-up trends for 2018 includes skin with a natural, satiny texture rather than a matte finish, cut crease eye make-up, strobing and baking.


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