Contemporary bridal make-up


As a make-up artist how can you create the right look for your Instagram-savvy bride. Read more in our bridal beauty report.

Gone are the days, when bridal beauty was about layers and layers of foundation along with ugly shimmery eyeshadows and claw nails. Bidding adieu to these dated looks, the most recent bridal trends are moving towards barely-there make-up, fresh complexion and effortless hairsdos. Ethereal, whimsical and romantic — these are the ideas that brides-to-be have about their wedding day look. Make-up artists have to amp up their game to meet the demands of the contemporary Indian bride.

Here’s an expert take by renowned bridal make-up expert Aashmeen Munjal of Star Salon & Academy.

Bridal glow

For foundation to last longer, the basic thing is to know your right skin type. It varies as per different skin type, mature lines and freckles on the skin. The foundation type also varies according to weather conditions. Firstly, the most important thing is to lock your skin. Use baby cream, primer, skin protection cream and lacto calamine as the base coat. This potent combination locks as well as hydrates the skin by laminating it. After this apply foundation to keep make-up long lasting. Use a tissue instead of puff or compact to dab the skin. This avoids creating layers over the skin.

Sultry, smoky eyes

The eye make-up can be kept subtle yet elegant with a stroke of kajal, matte finish eyeliner or can be decked up with a shimmery smoky eye look for a more glamorous avatar. The brides can also wear an ombre eye look to complement the outfit. If you are wearing a monotone or pastel coloured lehenga, go for a deep red lipstick with a matte finish. If the bride’s outfit is vibrant, glossy nude shades will go hand in hand.

Fresh-faced complexion

To avoid cakey or patchy base, the make-up artist should go for waterproof products that last longer. Keep it minimal and simple!

Easy, undone styles

For hair, it is recommended to not let it down completely. Rather style the tresses in a beach-y waves, messy buns, Victorian braids, either fully tucked or semi tucked, as per your facial feature.

The pro tip

Oil-based make-up may create a hassle for an acne prone, pimples and oil secreting skin. For this, the brides can go for airbrush, silicon or water-based make-up, as it stays longer.




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