Don’t lose the hair battle against rains


Hair Battle:- Monsoons are a war zone! Prep your hair up for the battle against frizz and humidity. We help you put together a hair care regimen to keep the mane intact all though the season.

Rainy routine
Wash your hair thrice a week with lukewarm water. “Frizz and damp roots are two most common problems with hair during the rainy season. Wash your hair in the evening to control frizz and make sure your hair is shampooed properly before applying conditioner to avoid damp roots,” advises Zingranwon Shatsang, Co-founder, Zido Salon, Bandra.

Condition unconditionally
A conditioner seals the cuticles to lock moisture, thus taming the frizz and making the hair smooth and shiny. Post wash, squeeze out the excess water and work the conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Rinse with cold water. “After hairwash, it is advisable to follow through with a good quality conditioner to lock in moisture. You can use leave-in conditioners as well to keep your hair healthy and hydrated throughout the day,” suggests Matalyn Khareichon, Salon Art Director, A’Kreations Hair & Beyond, Mumbai.

Time for a treat
Hair spa once a fortnight is recommended during the rainy season to nourish the hair, reduce dullness and maintain pH balance of the scalp. You can also opt for a protein treatment such as Cysteine, to make the crown more manageable.

Style it right
“Monsoon is accompanied by windy days that can mess up your hair completely. Also, the hair is damp and moist and hence can break off easily. To avoid hair hassles, use a wide-toothed comb. Also, instead of leaving your hair open all day, you can tie a loose plait or knot while travelling. This will prevent tangling and consequent breaking and make the hair more manageable,” shares Matalyn.

DIY hair mask
On days when it’s raining too much, turn your home into a hair spa by whipping up a homemade hair mask. Try different combinations – papaya skin and seeds and yogurt for split ends, soaked fenugreek for hair fall and dandruff, and a blend of banana, mayonnaise and olive oil to inject life into dull locks.

Cover up
When the rain water mixes with the pollutants, it becomes toxic. When you get wet in the rain, this toxic water in turn makes your hair dull and limp. It’s a good idea to cover your hair before stepping out to protect it from the heat and humidity.

Keep it natural
Keep hair treatments like perming, straightening and colouring at bay in the rainy season. These treatments are most likely to be washed away with the rain as they take time to settle in. They may also weaken the hair shaft and promote split ends, hair fall and breakage during the rainy season.

Tips and tricks

  • Monsoon is a good time to go short – short hair is manageable and dries easily. It also prevents split-ends.
  • Avoid too much styling during the rainy season. Use serums and sprays that won’t weigh the hair down, instead of a heavy mousse or cream.
  • Make anti-frizz styling products your BFFs.
  • Avoid using excessive heat styling tools.

Eat a balanced protein, mineral and calcium-rich diet to make the hair stronger.


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