‘Global Wellness Day is not limited to a day, it’s a lifelong philosophy’ – Rekha Chaudhari


Rekha Chaudhari, MD, JCKRC Spa Destination, dons many hats for her varied roles in different wellness associations. As India’s ambassador for Global Wellness Day, she played an important role in spreading the word about it across the country.

Global Wellness Day (GWD) was first introduced in 2016 under the  guidance of Rekha Chaudhari, MD, JCKRC Spa Destination. She has been instrumental in gathering spas and wellness centres in India together to celebrate this day. However, her vision for India’s wellness sector goes beyond that. For her, it is not just about devoting one day to wellness, but it’s about making it a social movement. Wellness is not a luxury but an innate and basic need.

GWD is the world’s ?rst officially branded day, adopted by 95 countries. It is celebrated with the support of Global Wellness Ambassadors who are lifestyle oriented entrepreneurs. Rekha Chaudhari is leading the fray in India. Today, GWD involves government bodies, doctors and hospitals, hotels and spas, celebrities, gyms, wellness destinations, schools and many more. All this is in good measure due to Rekha’s efforts.

Kids’ Wellness

Every year, GWD is observed on the second Saturday in the month of June. And every year it is celebrated around a theme. This year on the 9th of June, GWD launch was hosted at Iridium Spa. St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai.

The idea of GWD is to look at wellness holistically. In keeping with the theme, critical issues such as increasing rate of depression, obesity, crime against children and importance of physical activities for their well-rounded growth were highlighted. The focus was on devising creative ways to practice wellness habits in a routine life.

For instance, a five-minute wellness circle time each morning will be introduced for preschoolers. At elementary schools, it will be one-hour wellness class per week. The project will focus on three key areas:

Self-Love: to let go of shame, anger, blame and to feel at peace, learning to accept themselves and others, even fighting depression.

Breathing: to improve their health and manage their stress and learn self-control;

Mindfulness: (mindful eating to mindful nature walks) to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Social responsibility

Last year’s theme for GWD was farmers’ children and police force wellness. Rekha and her JSWE team have always treated this principle as paramount. That’s why she created ‘Payback time’ – to care for those who care for you. It’s a 360 degree Wellness Program for the Police Department of Mumbai. This effort was lauded by Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis.

This year, too, policemen participated in GWD celebration and pledged to bring 360 degree of wellness such as physical, emotional, and mental and financial health. Most important keep any addiction at bay, do not give into bad habits due to job pressure, and learning to manage your money. Experts, including Rekha, consulted them on these criteria.

This year, GWD saw participation by Mumbai dabbawalas, too. Rekha’s innovative and inclusive approach met with resounding success.

Many prestigious organisations such as Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Woman and Child Welfare, and Ministry of Water Resources, top spa chains, five star hotels, and the media officially celebrated GWD.

Across India

  • NGO Kurja focused on the women empowerment, with their 7,000 members by creating awareness among the woman health.
  • Ashok Palival of Prabhat Academy, Udaipur, offered free service at all his outlets.
  • Ayurveda centres like Kairali in Kerala celebrated GWD by organising seminars and workshops on disciplined lifestyle.
  • Wellness Expert and the Spa Director Mahima Sharma taught the helipad yoga class at JW Marriott Hotel. Other attractions were healthy breakfast spreads and yoga in swimming pool.
  • Geo Spa, Delhi, offered free classes.
  • Maharashtra Tourism Department issued a note at the Health and Wellness Tourism of Maharashtra summit, highlighting GWD celebration and its importance.

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