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You can nail your next manicure with your fave prints and photos of your family. Sounds extravagant? Read on to know more about Digital Printing nails.

The rage of digital printing on nails is catching up fast, all thanks to its quick and easy process. Clients can opt from an array of predefined nail designs that electronic nail printers have to offer. They can then get the design printed directly onto their nails. Also picking up are the mobile nail printers, where users can connect their phone with the printer (via bluetooth) and can choose photos from their gallery to turn into nail art.

The USP of this technique is that it allows you to customise the images and designs you wish to have on your nails. On the flipside, it is more of a fad than a trend. It is likely to lose steam once the novelty wears off. For clients looking for hard core nail art – one that involves technical expertise – digital printing is not their cup of tea.

We spoke to Shivani Sharma, Managing Director at Lure Nails & Spa Solutions on how promising the technique is in terms of cost and business. Here’s what she has to say…

What’s this trend all about?
This is quite an old trend all over the world ..it’s a quick fix method to do nail art, however not professional.

What equipment do nail bars need for this?
There are many nail printers available, from cheap to expensive ones. Stamping is also a cheap option for temporary nail art.

How is business affected due to this service? How cost effective is this?
Well, business for salon owners doesn’t really get much affected. It’s just a quick and cheap method to do nail art. However, it would affect professional nail brands for sure. If the salons really want to do good service in nails only then can they charge their clients accordingly.

Printing, as I said, is not qualitative and therefore the salons eventually will not be able to make money in the long run.

What’s the future of this trend?
As someone who has seen the industry grow and from the start in India, I’m very sure that stamping is not the professional way of doing nails. However, India is a vast country and there is market for all. Eventually salons will realise that it’s a temporary and a very limited method of doing nails. The return on investment is not high as the client eventually looks for a long-term solution, when it comes to nails. The expectation of the client is very high and printing cannot hold that promise.


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