5 steps to creating a budget for your salon

to create the most efficient plan you need to look into the hidden costs as well as the obvious expenses.

Home-use gel nail kits lead to increase in allergic reactions

Report suggests that consumers doing these nails at home are at increased risk compared to having them done in salons

Women cite stress and anxiety as having a big impact on facial ageing

Nearly 30% of women said they believe stress and anxiety have an impact on visible signs of ageing, according to a recent survey.   

PBTV: SS17 nail art tutorial – textured metallics

Master the spring/summer nail art trends with our easy DIY tutorial

Three out of five teenagers say acne affects their self-confidence

Around 80% of adolescents suffer with acne and three out of five say it affects their self-confidence, according to new research by The British Skin Foundation.  

How the 10-step Korean skincare regime works

The concept is simple and a must for clients who wish to achieve better skin for life.

56% of people have never had their make-up applied by a professional make-up artist

Only 44% of people have used and turned to a qualified make-up artist for make-up advice and tips, according to new research.  

Wellness named one of the fastest growing markets in the world

Early findings of the report were shared at the Global Wellness Summit in October, before the full report was released this year.  

Professional Beauty Bengaluru showcased new and upcoming trends in the industry alongside the biggest display of beauty and wellness products in the region

Thousands of salon and spa owners, beauty technicians, and make-up artists visited Professional Beauty Bengaluru

Visiting a tradeshow to boost your business

Here are seven reasons why your business should get involved

Men are now embracing make-up, driving male cosmetic industry

Beauty brands are beginning to see value in diversity

Pinterest pins encourage people to splurge on beauty products

Just under half (42%) of Pinterest users will make a beauty purchase after seeing a pin