How to give your client a great monsoon experiential?

The rains bring with them their share of humidity-induced bad hair days, stagnant water created fungal feet infections, sticky skin and whatnot. Here are some pointers to put clients at ease during this time of the year and ensuring they experience a fulfilling and comfortable salon visit. Soft skills are an important part of salon management, more so in the monsoon when clients could be facing many problems.

Get practical

Working from the ground up, make sure the entrance up to your establishment is clear of stagnant water. Service personnel should be charged with periodically cleaning staircases and entryway with wipers. A good quality rubber mat at the entrance along with a receptacle/coat tree for rain gear is a must-have to ensure the interiors stay moisture-free. 

Staff at the door may offer to help clients stow away their umbrellas. Keep some fresh, dry hand towels in the waiting area. Add a screen mesh to keep pesky flies away. Install a bug repelling light indoors for flying pests and use a good quality disinfectant to clean not just floors but vertical surfaces as well.

Positive and creative

Keep a smile on at all times and be hospitable towards the client. A good cup of piping hot tea will do wonders to a bad mood. A small chat, a hot beverage and efforts at drying up the client's clothes will ensure that you have a happy customer in your seat.

Avoid statements like “Your hair is limp; we should try a volumizing treatment.” Rather a put a positive spin on things and say, “A volumizing treatment will add bounce to hair affected by humidity. Would you like to try one?”

Offer at-home haircare or skincare advice, as a client will appreciate concern on your part any day, but especially during the rains.

Lighten up the ambience

If you have bright white lighting, consider changing the bulbs during the monsoons with incandescent ones. Or try adding a few warm yellow accent lights. White lights make interiors appear impersonal and antiseptic whereas yellow lighting will help you create a warm monsoon experiential. 

Sounds and smells

Upbeat music will be a much better option to dreamy instrumentals or slow music during the rains. It will pep up the mood instantly on dank dreary days. Oil diffusers with invigorating fragrances such as citrus or jasmine, rather than calming ones like lavender or rose, are a must-have.