Millennial pink most popular lipstick shade globally


The virtual reality make-up app, which sees more than 23.5 million augmented reality (AR) lipstick “try-ons” a day, says the neutral shade of pink is its most tested colour, as it released its Global Lipstick Trends 2017 report.

In the UK and US, almost 50% of lip colour try-ons are pink shades – with more than 20% of those millennial pink, a figure much higher than other countries where pink lipstick accounts for between 20–35% of try-ons, the data found. 15% of lip colour try-ons in China and Japan are also millennial pink.

Lipstick tastes vary greatly depending on region, with China trying the most diverse lip colours, Japan preferring light, sheer and two-toned shades, and South Korea opting for darker reds, as well as two-toned lip colours.

The trend for two-toned lips is growing in popularity, with the look experiencing a 74% growth in try-ons on the app, while matte-effect lips is the most tried on texture in the US, UK and South Korea.

Source: Professional Beauty UK