Advanced Hair Studio celebrates 10th anniversary in India

As a befitting commentary on the growing haircare market in India, Advanced Hair Studio recently celebrated 10 years of being a pioneer in the field.

Bodycraft ties up with Vidal Sassoon Academy

Bodycraft Academy Bangalore announced the opening of the legendary Vidal Sassoon Academy. This is part of an exclusive school connection between the two.

7 ways to revamp your salon menu cost-effectively

Hitting refresh once in a while on your salon menu is sure to earn your clients' favour. Here are seven interesting yet cost-effective ways that will give an upward push to your profit graph.

Hollywood beauty Eva Mendes endorses Avon

Avon has roped in Eva Mendes to be the face of its newly launched perfume – Eve Duet.

Why healthy feet are happy feet!

Monsoons may bring a respite from heat and dust but they also play havoc with foot hygiene. Here’s why you must pay extra attention to your feet during the rains.

Six common skincare mistakes during the rains

Keep these skincare mistakes at bay and enjoy the rains with a glow on your face.

Hairdressers up their game with advanced courses

From latest colour techniques to fashion forward looks, an advanced training course in hairdressing will not only help to sharpen your skills, but also take your creativity several notches above the rest.

Lice Free

Lice is caused by… Poor hygiene. Plain and simple.

Grey Hair Remedy

Premature grey hair is caused by… A vitamin B12 deficiency, or due to hereditary factors.

Feel Frizzy Free Hair

Frizzy hair is caused by… Unsuitable products, or weather conditions that are incompatible with your hair.

Itchy Scalp and Greasy Hair Remedy

An itchy scalp and greasy hair are caused by… A dirty scalp, or even allergic reactions

Split End

Split ends are caused by… Incorrect ways of brushing, excessive blow drying and flat ironing