Meet Mohd Ahkam – a rising star of men’s hairdressing


From humble beginnings to having an enviable list of high profile clients, Mohd Ahkam talks about his inspiring journey.

Delhi-based hairdresser Mohd Ahkam has styled the mane of influential personalities such as Virat Kohli, Honey Singh and Prateik Babbar. Winner of the prestigious ‘L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy – Men’s Image Award’ for five consecutive years (2011-2015), his forté lies in innovative hair cutting and styling for men.

Having worked with premium salon chains like LOOKS, Mohd Ahkam has made considerable progress. Today he is a proud owner of Headoffice Unisex Salon in Punjabi Bagh. In an exclusive chat with Professional Beauty India, he talks about his share of challenges during the early days of his venture. Excerpts from his interview…

Tell us about your beginning?

My professional journey as a hairdresser started at the age of 15. My initial days were extremely challenging — as this profession was not known to many!

It was very tough to set up my base in the salon industry. However as time went by, I understood the way to progress is with devotion and responsibility toward your work. And that’s the main mantra I have been following since the start.

I still remember investing all my savings in setting up my own venture. Honestly it was a do-or-die situation for me. Having said that, things worked out in the end by God’s grace and my co-workers’ hard work and commitment towards their job.

How’s the journey been so far?

The journey has been filled with enormous learning and professional grooming, as I experienced a mix of ups and down. It wasn’t easy for a 15-year-old boy to convince clients of his skills. They preferred established hairdressers. This industry is so dynamic, you just can’t afford to sit back. One needs to continue working on oneself to move forward. My dedication and hard work towards my passion has got me into a position where I stand out as a known individual. I won the ‘L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy – Men’s Image Award’ all over India for five consecutive years (2011-15).

So what were some of the the key challenges back then and now?

All things considered, you confront challenges at each phase of life, be it childhood, studies or after marriage. It’s about how you manage them. I faced cut-throat competition when I started as I didn’t belong to a well-off family. I had to learn everything faster than others to match up to their level. I worked day and night, on birthdays and anniversaries. I never let my work take a back seat.

What’s your opinion on the Indian salon industry?

The Indian salon and hair industry is booming at a breakneck pace and is offering opportunities to many to opt this as a full time career.

What are your plans ahead?

My plans are to have happy and satisfied clients and that’s what will make me a successful hairdresser!

What would be your advice to readers who wish to have stylish hair like your clients?

Understand that every face is different. Always go with what agrees with your face and lifestyle. And leave the styling to an expert. We know the techniques and you can trust us to make you stand out from the crowd.


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