Nail Art Trends 2018


Statement-making nail art can transform your client’s look from dull to dramatic in mere moments. We help you with a roundup of what’s in vogue and how to keep yourself abreast with the latest nail art trends.

Gone are the days when beauty experts waited for fashion weeks to declare the trends of the season. Today, there are new trends flashing on social media ever hour. There’s always scope to learn, try and create something new. “The nail industry is never stagnant. Nail art stamping, nail foils, marble effect nail art, bronze, ombré and chrome nails are totally in this season. Gel finish polish is the mantra of the season as most clients want smooth, high shine and long-lasting tips and toes that won’t chip,” highlights Cean Alphonso, National Technical Educator, Kinetics India

Season’s special
Just because you’re a certified nail technician doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade yourself. The number of trends are infinite and there are videos being uploaded every minute on social media. Seek inspiration from these videos. Do your research on what’s in and what’s not. There are clients who know what they want, and there are clients who don’t. For an artistic twist, go all out with graphic swirls and hand-painted petals, flowers and fruits. If your client loves bling, paint her talons in pale pink and adorn them with Swarovski accents or delicate silver sprinkles. If she loves to travel, recreate a beach on the tips of her fingers. To keep things simple, a cuticle half moon o a single black line will work wonders. You could also invest in press-on stickers, glossed over with clear nail paint, to create words that reflect your client’s personality.

2018 is all about hand-painted nail art, strong and bold colours with clever detailing, alphabet stickers sealed with a clear, glossy top coat, Glossy back nails with three-dimensional sparkle, muted metallics, and, of course, the striking splash of high-gloss scarlet. People are slowly moving away from safe nudes and indulging in creative nail art with embellishments.

Keeping up with trends
With something new coming up every season, the best way to keep up with the latest trends is by keeping a tab on the runways. “Look up for different colours, patterns and designs. You could also follow nail art accounts on Instagram for interesting tutorials,” shares Cean. Make it a point to sign up for trade shows, beauty expos and seminars. That’s where you’ll be able to network, get to know more about the latest products and sharpen your technical skills.Keep upgrading your designs on display. Clients who keep their tips and toes prim-and-proper love to see new collections every time they visit a nail spa. Suggest trendy designs and patterns that will go with the shape and length of their nails. Your knowledge is sure to create a good impression.

Take note

Keeping up with the latest trends is important, but so is maintaining your salon equipment. Keep your tools clean and bacteria free. Scrubs and buffers must be cleaned after use. Wash them under running water and then use a disinfectant. Abrasive filers and buffers can be scrubbed with a brush and Betaine solution. Clippers and metal equipment can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Metal can be soaked in acetone solution. Plastic and acrylic tools can be cleansed with Chloroethanol or sprayed with disinfectant.


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