‘Scalp care’ is a must-have in your menu


For good healthy hair, the scalp should be treated well. With rising hair health issues amongst customer, salons cannot ignore scalp care category.

Any problem can be solved when we tackle the root cause. It’s extremely important to have a healthy scalp to get healthy hair. 9 out of 10 customers who walk into your salon have scalp issues. They might not be aware of the problem but it’s probably a scalp issue that’s hampering good hair growth. Common scalp issues include itchiness, irritation, dandruff, flakiness, and greasiness. These lead to hair loss, dull hair, breakage, etc. Specialists advise professional treatments designed to soothe the scalp. And that’s where lies your window of opportunity. Add a strong portfolio of scalp treatments in your service menu and give your clients a one-stop-solution for all hair needs.

We spoke to a few salons about the need for scalp treatments and popular services amongst their clientele.

Asked about the need of the scalp treatments, Dr Jeet Dattatray Gore, from Trica Hair Clinic at Jean-Claude Biguine,Bandra, points out “Hair, as we see, is only the dead part of the hair. The actual living part of the hair is the hair root or follicle. The hair root takes its nourishment from the deep scalp skin.”

Dr Gore elaborates, “Just like when we want to grow a beautiful plant, we need nutrient-rich, healthy soil, one needs healthy nutrient-rich scalp skin around the hair root for shining abundant hair. To achieve this, the scalp skin needs to be healthy. Unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected areas of hair care today, as people are not aware of the need. The only time it gets attention is when there is a problem like dandruff or boils. In fact, most people associate scalp care with only right shampoo usage. But actually, shampoos only cleanse the scalp and hair. They can not affect the hair follicle or deeper scalp skin in any way. As the ageing of hair begins from the scalp, hence early treatment and prevention go a long way in ensuring the rich healthy hair.”

On demand

Salons are offering a number of hair and scalp treatments, however, it’s pivotal to choose the right treatment based on the consultation with the hair expert. Talking about the most popular treatments, Sukirti Patnaik, Founder of Indulge the Salon in Bhubaneswar, shares, “Some of the most popular scalp treatments are for hair fall, dandruff control, sebum control and sensitised scalp treatment. We offer a wide range of in-salon treatments using Rene Furterer and L’Oréal products.”

The experts at JCB Trica Hair Clinic have designed a Scalp Detox Therapy, which is perfect for the ongoing monsoon season. The treatment not only helps in healthy scalp and hair maintenance, but is also used to treat various scalp woes like seborrheic dermatitis/ psoriasis/ folliculitis. So, here’s your secret to happy, healthy hair especially during this hot and humid weather!

The biz part

Does offering scalp treatments generate substantial avenues for the salons? Agreeing to this Sukirti says, “Scalp treatments are not time consuming, hence it can be offered as an add on treatment with all other hair treatment services. Scalp treatments can also be added to regular hair wash services. These small add-on services will generate additional revenue for the salon.

While adding to this, Hemangi Madnani, Salon Business Manager at Jean-Claude Biguine, Bandra, concludes, “Adding treatments to the menu will increase the frequency of a client, leading to more beauty services like mani-pedi, waxing, threading, facials and so on. The most demanding services are Cysteine from Amazon Series, Brasil Cacau and Olaplex.”

Salon visit is not just about cut and colour. A scalp treatment is quintessential to keep the scalp clean and healthy. As a salon owner, you simply can’t afford to ignore this category.


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