Schwarzkopf Professional launches Oil Ultime


The new Oil Ultime range by Schwarzkopf Professional is your kit of essentials for great hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional has come up with Oil Ultime, its premium range of oils. Banking on the wonders oils do to rebalance and hydrate your tresses, the brand has conceptualised hair rituals in tandem with the new products.

What’s unique about this range?

The oils in the products are self-evaporating and self-soluble. Being lightweight, they don’t make your hair flat or weighed down. The purified oils are 100% natural. The range contains some of the most sought after oils of modern aromatherapy, including Argan, Marula, Rose and Barbary Fig Oils. A multi-level purification process ensures that only the most precious components and nutrients of these precious oils are implemented, leaving the hair soft and full of shine.

The hair rituals that have been created around these oils ensure a complete aromatherapy experience. The rituals help improve our physical and psychological well-being.

More about the new range

The In-Salon Exclusive range includes the following products.

Oil Ultime Oil-In-Scrub: It has Lotus Flower Extract and Argan Shell particles. Used to release clogged-up pores, purify and prepare the hair and scalp. Rs 950for 250ml.

For Fine to Medium Hair

Oil Ultime Essential Oil Relaxing: A blend of aromatic Lavender and Jasmine Oil to relax anxious and stressed senses. Rs 1000 for 30ml.

Oil Ultime Essential Oil Energizing: Infused with Ylang-Ylang and Mandarin Oil to refresh tired and fatigued senses. Rs 1000 for 30ml.

Oil Ultime Light Oil-In-Shampoo: The clear shampoo gently cleanses and beautifies without weighing it down. Formulated with Marula and Rose Oil to replenish and boost shine. Rs 1250 for 300ml.

Oil Ultime Light Oil-In-Spray Conditioner: A lightweight two-phase formula with Marula and Rose Oil that nourishes and beautifies and as well as helps to detangle the hair. Rs 1250 for 200ml.

Oil Ultime Light Oil-In-Mousse Treatment: It has Marula and Rose Oil that replenishes and beautifies, without weighing down delicate hair types. It creates a flawless hair surface, boosting natural sheen. Rs 1650 for 200 ml.

For Medium to Coarse Hair

Oil Ultime Oil-In-Shampoo: Formulated with Argan and Barbary Fig Oil to boost shine and smoothness, the formula gently cleanses and beautifies the hair. Rs 1250 for 300ml.

Oil Ultime Oil-In-Conditioner: An emulsion with Argan and Barbary Fig Oil that replenishes, detangles and beautifies, whilst ensuring a lightweight hair feeling. Rs 1250 for 200ml.

Oil Ultime Oil-In- Cream Treatment: Containing the highest amount of Argan and Barbary Fig Oil in the range, the formula deeply nourishes, detangles and tames without weighing down the hair. Rs 1650 for 200 ml.

Oil Ultime Finishing Oils range include Oil Ultime Marula Finishing Oil (Rs 1750 for 100ml), Oil Ultime Rose Finishing Oil (Rs 1750 for 100ml), Oil Ultime Argan Finishing Oil (Rs 1750 for 100ml) and Oil Ultime Barbary Fig Finishing Oil (Rs 1750 for 100ml).

The products are combined to create in-salon hair rituals – Oil Ultime In-Salon Harmony Rituals:

  • Oil Ultime Essential Oil Energizing includes aromatic Ylang-Ylang and Mandarin Oil to invigorate and refresh tired, stressed senses. The blend of Essential Oils, combined with massage, provide a reviving experience that helps to encourage positive thinking and uplifts the mood
  • Oil Ultime Essential Oil Relaxing contains calming aromatic Lavender and Jasmine Oil. The combination of Essential Oils, plus a massage service, help to unravel tension, relieve stress and enhance the mood
  • Oil Ultime Oil-In-Scrub is infused with luxurious Lotus Flower Extract and precious Argan Shell particles to remove impurities and release clogged up pores. Hair is then cleansed and beautified with high-performing, yet lightweight oil formulas for either fine to medium hair (Oil Ultime Marula & Rose Oil range) or medium to coarse hair (Oil Ultime Argan & Barbary Fig Oil range). Finally, as a finishing touch, a complementary Oil Ultime Finishing Oil is selected to end the service, leaving hair illuminated with radiant shine and sublime softness.

Indulgent Oil Infused Care-Oil Ultime in-salon harmony ceremonies available at all leading salons:

  • Inaugural ceremony – Instant beautification for all type of hair
  • Feather light ceremony – Infused with Marula for fine har to medium hair
  • Velvet ceremony – Infused with Argan for frizzy/coarse hair
  • Enriching ceremony – Infused with Barbary fig for extremely porous hair
  • Scalp relaxing ceremony – Infused with Rose for Dry Scalp

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