Shahnaz Husain store gets a makeover


The Shahnaz Husain brand is reinventing itself. The first step in this direction is a store makeover and a brand new logo.

The Select City Walk outlet of the Shahnaz Husain store in New Delhi got itself a lavish face lift. The shop design has been re-done on a luxury theme, which reflects in its ambience. An efficient customer information system has been put in place to help clients have an easy shopping experience here. The Store houses the legendary Shahnaz Husain Ayurvedic formulations under one roof, including a number of new products that are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic colours. It also offers high-end beauty retail and high quality beauty products.

Speaking at the opening of the revamped store, Shahnaz Husain, CMD, The Shahnaz Husain Group, said, “Redefining our retail business to provide an unforgettable shopping experience is the reason for the makeover of the Shahnaz Husain Store at Select City walk. It has a totally new look, with beautiful interiors that reflect the contemporary international face of beauty retail. We have also introduced several new products, ideal for the changing trends in the global beauty industry.”

Logo philosophy

It’s not just the store that has undergone a change. The company’s logo has also been reinvented. The brand Shahnaz Husain is closely linked to the persona of the woman behind it. The four-decade old brand is internationally acclaimed and a pioneer in the beauty business. The new logo needed to reflect all these qualities. The new logo design had to carry a visual appeal and the strength of an iconic brand. It also had to command an immediate visual recall of the respect that the brand and the face have had for decades.

Shahnaz Husain’s initials SH and its design were selected for the upgraded logo to symbolise the strength of the brand and its brand identity. The typography and form were chosen to be bold, strong, and yet, simple. The idea was to reinforce the value of the brand, while depicting a new ‘less is more’ oriented luxury aesthetic.

The new logo harks back to year 1971, when Shahnaz Husain established the concept of herbal care and cure in the Indian beauty industry.

The logo depicts an interesting intertwining of the initials S and H. The centre of the logo motif stands for the inseparable relationship between Shahnaz Husain the Brand and Shahnaz Husain the Beauty Icon.


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