Sustainable salons: need of the hour?


What are sustainable salons? Is it just a fad or the future of the beauty industry? Read on to know more.

What are sustainable salons all ‘bout? How crucial is it to be eco-friendly in the salon business? How do you start and what’s the best approach to help reduce carbon footprints at salons — these are few of the many questions that salon owners have to consider, if they have sustainability on their mind.

With our features around eco-friendly salons, we are trying to raise awareness about sustainable salons in India.

The concept of sustainable / green salons is acknowledged in countries such as Australia, and its gradually becoming popular in India, too. Various salons are moving towards integrating eco-friendly practices in order to contribute to the environment. The initial move towards this is to realise the fact that a tremendous measure of waste is generated from a salon in terms of water, electricity, foiling, products and chemicals. On the top, there are no proper resources for salon waste management.

There are fundamentally three R’s to remember for sustainability: reduce, reuse and recycle

Salons can move into this direction by undertaking some eco-friendly chores. Start with basics such as using energy-efficient LED lights instead of CFL to reduce energy consumption. For the furniture, salons can think about bamboo or cork, instead of wooden material. Put indoor plants to balance the carbon discharges. For waste minimisation, it’s must to have a professional waste management system to recycle all of the salon waste.

Leading the way is Gurgaon-based NEU Salonz. The salon chain has applied the sustainable model to five of their outlets in Gurgaon and aims to follow the same path in their future endeavours. The salon claims to have installed water saving taps that reduce wastage of water by 50% along with energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce power usage.

Small efforts to go eco-friendly can acquire considerable proportions, if followed thoroughly. Like, the newly opened LOOKS Prive has started serving water in glasses, instead of plastic bottles to support sustainability.

Vibhoar, CEO, NEU Salonz, give his expert take on the concept….

Any suggestions that you would like to make to existing salon owners who are trying to get into this concept?

We feel that it is not at all difficult to go sustainable. There are a lot of salons internationally who are already on this path. Just follow them and you’d know what to do!

Are you using eco-friendly products?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we’ve introduced a comprehensive range of natural services. Be it Hair Rituals, Face Rituals, Manicure / Pedicure or even Hair Colour. The products are being loved by our guests especially because they are chemical-free and everyone feels to need to try something natural on their hair ad skin. We’ve got brands like Kérastase, ILCSI, KEUNE, among others.

Are you also using earth-friendly products, especially colours?

We’ve partnered with another natural brand called RawNatureCompany, which is also working on Bioavailability with its products. When it comes to hair, the ‘So Pure’ range by KEUNE is totally natural and is the best option, if you’re worried about chemicals entering your hair/scalp.




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