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Schwarzkopf Professional’s Fibreplex allows you to experiment with hair colouration, without worrying about breakage and damage.

Hair colouration has always been a grey zone for clients. They want a makeover, they want to look young, they want to follow trends. But the minute you suggest hair colour to them, they back out. The prime reason for this is the fear of hair damage and breakage. With the technological advancements in hair care and colour products, there’s good news for colouration aficianados.

Flaunt your true style

Schwarzkopf Professional has introduced Fibreplex. It is a 3-step system that lets you experiment with your hair without stressing about damage.

Hair colouration involves colouring, lightening and/or lifting process. A few years ago, customers would have come back to you with complaints of hair loss, dryness and frizziness after colouration. However, all that can be avoided now with Schwarzkopf Professional’s Fibre Bond Technology. It has shown  significant reduction in hair breakage by 94%. It also ensures great hair structure after the colouring, lightening or lifting process. The Schwarzkopf Fibreplex is a breakthrough against hair breakage ensuring complete protection of your hair.

The innovative 3-step bond system includes:

  1. Bond Booster: Additive mixed into any lifting or colouring system. Interlinks with hair fibres to enforce strong structural bonds. It minimises hair breakage. It should be used every time you do a colour service on your hair.
  2. Bond Sealer: An intensive treatment applied after shampooing for long lasting strength, suppleness and shine. It can be used once or twice a month depending upon hair condition.
  3. Bond Maintainer: This is the at-home treatment that maintains the improved hair quality and protects against new mechanical damages. It can be used twice a week at home. Shampoo the hair and apply Bond Maintainer, then leave for 5 minutes and rinse it thoroughly.

Fibreplex’s Fibre Bond Technology interlinks with hair fibres to enforce and seal hair bonds, restoring health to your hair. It also neutralises years of wear and tear while protecting your hair against future damage. Fibreplex is available at all leading salons in the country.


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