Which ‘plex’ does your salon have?


From being a trend to becoming a necessity, innovative plex treatments are a must-have for every salon. Professional Beauty tries to unravel the plex mystery for you.

They say prevention is better than cure. For the longest time, hairdressers had been demanding hair protection technology that allows them to protect their client’s hair during colouration. No matter how advanced the colouration products are, if hair colouring is not followed up by at-home care, it leads to hair damage. Not many clients realise this and end up shunning colours. And that’s why colourists wanted something that will ensure damage prevention. This need has given rise to the innovation of ‘plex treatments’.

What is plex technology?

Plex technology is designed to help repair hair from within. During colouration, plex helps in repairing the micro-bonds. This helps in keeping hair damage and breakage at bay.

Najeeb Ur Rehman, PPS – Schwarzkopf Professional, says, “Hair is made of keratin. Keratin is susceptible to oxidation. Hence the hair can go under stress if it lacks elasticity or strength. Thanks to Fibreplex with Fibre Bond technology, which protects the hair from breakage during lighting, highlighting or colouring process by upto 94%.”

He further explained, “Clients will see and feel a difference when using Fibreplex with all colour services. Because Fibreplex is developed to reduce stress during chemical processes, the most visible differences can be seen when using Fibreplex with strong colour products such as bleach or highlights and ensure better strength and elasticity to the hair. Hence that leads to enhanced colour result. The molecules of Fibreplex active ingredients are small enough to penetrate the hair structure quickly.”

Which plex is best for your salon?

Mohammad Nazish, Owner, Ambiance Unisex Salon, says, “Plex is the biggest invention in the hair industry, which tackles almost all the colour issues. In spite of being popular, there is still a lot of misconception about plex. Some people think it is similar to keratin or cysteine treatments or hair spas. Simply put, plex builds and enforces strong structural bonds, links disulfide bonds, protects hair from breakage and helps prevent hair damage caused by chemical treatments.”

Nazish was a trainer with Australian brand Farmavita in India. It had Omniplex hair treatment as one of its popular services. Now that he has opened his own salon, Nazish believes that it is better to offer customers more options. He keeps two plex options currently at his salon. He explains his choices: One option is of a liquid base. It is easy to mix it with lightener. The colour’s consistency becomes easy for application. The second one is a cream base. It is best for standalone treatments because of its creamy texture. It gives more shine, softness and visible results in the very first sitting. It can also be mixed with straightening products for extra care and shine and save hair from breakage.”

Can you say ‘no’ to plex?

Apparently not! As Nazish explains, customers today are more aware of the trends. “We need to keep our clients updated with all the new trends. While we give them straightening, perming, colouring and other services, we also need to ensure that their hair is strong and healthy. There are other repair treatments, too, but those take time to show results. Clients want instant gratification. That’s where plex treatments help. With plex treatments you can achieve best results for your client. It is definitely something you can’t ignore.”

Find your ‘Plex’?

Here are the plexes available in India currently:

Olaplex: A pioneer in this category, Olaplex flaunted the tagline – insurance for hair. It was amongst the first services to claim reversing of hair damage caused due to chemical treatments. It remains the most renowned and used plex in India. It has a simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

Fibreplex: It is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first Bond Enforcing System to protect hair from breakage during the lightening, (high-)lifting or colouring process with bond creation and long-lasting colour protection. The salon kit includes No 1 Bond Booster, Shampoo, No 2 Bond Sealer and No 3 Bond Maintainer.

Wellaplex: It is the breakthrough technology by Wella Professionals. It helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour service. It should be mixed with lightening or colour – enabling optimal lift and penetration of dye molecules. It also helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair.

Omniplex: Farmavita has developed Omniplex Professional, an innovative system, to restore the natural hair structure during chemical treatments. Omniplex is based on a new technology capable of long-lasting repair of the hair fiber, for immediately visible results. It is free of Sulfate, DEA, Paraben and MI. It also has Jojoba and Sweet Almond oils.


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