Why de-tanning treatments are important?


Move over skin whitening, de-tanning is the new buzzword! With clients demanding improved skin texture and tone, de-tanning treatments are on the rise.

Owing to increased sun exposure, we are often victim to sun damage. Skin experts encourage us to have monthly facials to keep skin related issues under check. Here’s our ultimate guide on the significance of in-salon skin treatments to diminish tan.

Industry experts reveal that pigmentation and skin tanning are the key concern areas for Indian skin. The reason being exposure to sunlight, which impacts melanin in the skin. The harmful ultraviolet rays not only make the skin darker, but also leads to dullness and lack of moisture. In fact, excess exposure to harmful UV beams can lead to outrageous harm, adversely affecting the internal layers of the skin. So, it’s pivotal to deal with the sun tan at the RIGHT time to prevent it from the further damage.

The use of sunscreens and other agents is need of the hour. But at the same time it is vital to indulge in professional treatments. One can opt for homemade concoctions, too.

Here’s our expert take on in-salon skin treatments to get rid of tan…

“Living in a country like India, a stroll in the sun could cause irreparable damage to the skin. Untreated tan can lead to increase in melanin thus affecting the skin colour and texture in the long run. Early treatment and consistent use of SPF can help combat tan. While there are many DIY treatments available on the Internet, tan is not just on superficial layer on the skin. Only with in-salon treatments can tan be completely treated and eradicated thus making this service a must for all skin salons,” shares Rebecca Samuel, Managing Director, Vurve Signature Salon, Chennai.

Regarding treatments offered to reduce tan, she says, “As a unisex salon, we offer the anti-tan service to both men and women and not limit tan removal treatment to just the face. Understanding the skin type and level of tan, our experts recommend services based on individual needs. All of our salons use Skeyndor brand for the services.”

While understanding the Indian skin tone and weather conditions, professional brands such as Cheryl’s, Skeyndor, O3+, Dermalogica, and Eminence offer a plethora of facials that suit varied needs of different clients.

As one cannot expect to sustain the salon glow throughout, at-home products are highly recommend. Together with facial treatments, these products work to combat the effects of sun damage. These post facial and easy-to-use products help in sustaining the results for long.

Commenting on how such treatments keep up a sound footfall in salons, Rebecca signs off saying, “The footfall at the salons for de-tanning treatment is 100+ clients. While general belief is that women take care of their skin more than men, we always get queries and appointments for facials and de-tan services from men as well.”


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