Why healthy feet are happy feet!


Monsoons may bring a respite from heat and dust but they also play havoc with foot hygiene. Here’s why you must pay extra attention to your feet during the rains.

The complicated trooper

The human foot has 24 bones, 33 joints, 8000 or so nerve endings and more than 100 ligaments, muscles and tendons. The average human takes 8000 to 10,000 steps in a single day. That works out to be four trips around the world over a lifetime!

These troopers deserve some TLC since they work so hard for us, don’t they? Daily foot care at home ensures clean, healthy feet that will remain trouble-free and support you ably for years to come.


Warm, sweaty feet make a perfect home for bacteria, which feed on dead skin cells and produce gases and acids resulting in those infamous foot odors. The problem gets exacerbated during Indian monsoons as humidity and filthy water is added to the equation causing fungal and bacterial infections.

Avoid closed footwear during commutes and opt for open sandals that allow rainwater to drain off. Carry or keep your formal shoes and a clean pair of socks to put on after a good rinsing and drying of feet. Never put on damp socks, even clean ones, it’s an invitation to infections. If rinsing feet every time you get in from the wet isn’t doable, pat dry with tissues and dust on anti-bacterial powder.

Slip out and breathe

The Japanese do not wear shoes inside the house. Shoes are known to track in a million different kinds of bacteria. So, leave those loafers outside. Slip into comfortable flip flops that allow your skin to breathe. Your feet will thank you and so will a cleaner living space.

Go Pro

Once a month go in for a thorough foot-pampering session. Salons offer a range of pedicures to choose from, according to your skin type or specific problem. Wonluishon Ragui (ShonShon) Technical director & Trainer at JUICE Salons recommends their finger facial pedicure; a combination of LYN (Live Your Now) spa products and paraffin wax for an exfoliated and super supple finish.

Alternatively try a weekly soak in hot water with a dash of vinegar (disinfects), baking soda (sloughs off dead skin cells), salt (draws out aches), and a few drops of tea tree oil (anti-fungal, itch relieving). Scrub well, pat dry and slather on some moisturizer for smooth, trouble free feet.


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