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5 Effective Ways for Staff Retention at Your Salon

by Professional Beauty India

Hiring and retaining skilled staff in your salon can be a difficult task. Put this protocol in place with our five effective steps and increase staff retention at your salon.

When you welcome a recruit to your salon, you always have this fear at the back of your mind that they will quit the moment they get a better offer. So, how to put this fear to rest? By putting a process in place – one that allows every staff member to grow as per their calibre and that helps them achieve their financial goals.

Here are the reasons why a skilled resource, such as a hairdresser, beauty therapist, make-up artist or manicurist/pedicurist and nail artist, would work for you:

1. They want a job on an immediate basis

2. They want the salary hike that you are offering

3. They look at your salon as the next step in their career

4. They prefer your salon’s location

5. They like the overall package that you are offering

And here are the reasons why skilled staff would quit your salon:

1. They have received a better offer from another salon

2. They feel that they have hit a glass ceiling at your salon

3. They are not satisfied with the perks that you offer in terms of training and exposure

4. They are not happy with the working conditions

5. Personal issues

When you hire someone for your salon, especially a skilled resource, not only are you paying a higher salary to them but you are also investing effort in grooming them. On the shop floor, they are your brand ambassadors and you want them to put their best foot forward in front of the customers. So, when they leave you, you are naturally affected by it as you feel you have lost the time, money and effort spent on them. You can’t always retain your staff as sometimes the move is mandatory. However, considering the following points, you can keep them happy while helping them perform to their full potential and therefore increase staff retention.

Here are the 5 ways to increase staff retention:

1. Training, training and more training

Training and education are paramount for skilled salon staff. Continued training and advanced courses are your way of encouraging your staff to do better and give your customer the best service possible. You can invite brands to conduct product and trends training at your salon. Similarly, you can also send your team members to brand academies for workshops and training sessions. Another interesting way to make education a part of your staff’s regular routine is to organise workshops by well-known trainers from the industry. Alternatively, you can arrange for them to attend virtual sessions. There are many formats of training that they can avail of, such as tutorials, step-by-step, look and learn, etc.

2. Media exposure

Encourage them to be more creative in their work. You can ask the hairdressers on your team to create looks on mannequins or models and showcase their work on your official website and social media handles. You can also pitch their work to industry magazines and news portals. 

3. Help them realise their career aspirations 

At times, it is sheer monotony and lack of challenges that can provoke your skilled staff to look for a job elsewhere. As creative people, they might not want to remain in their comfort zones for long. Offer them these opportunities within your company itself. Making them work in a different role can do the trick for your salon. For instance, you can encourage the senior hairstylist to take on the role of a trainer or make a junior hairdresser to assist the make-up artist and get to learn make-up.

4. Growth path

Be very clear about the growth path for each employee at every designation. Customise their paths according to their talent and inclination. They should have clearly defined roles and understand how they can move from one designation to another. Be transparent about incentives and increments. This instils confidence in your employee and increases their trust in you, therefore, helping in staff retention. 

5. Communication channels

Have multiple communication channels for the employees so that they are able to reach you if needs be. Don’t simply rely on your managers to keep you updated about staff sentiments. Hold weekly meetings and encourage them to speak their minds. This is not only about voicing their grievances but also about contributing creatively and constructively towards the growth of the salon. This will make them feel included and part of the bigger picture. 

Hiring and retaining skilled staff in your salon can be challenging at times. We hope these tips help you in retaining your pool of talent. Working with a steady team has its benefits, and the team members also gain by being associated with a brand for a long time. If you have any more ideas for staff retention or if the ones we have shared are useful to you, do tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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