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7 Ingenious makeup tools you need to have in your vanity

by Arun Shirishkar

As you hone your makeup skills at home, you simply can’t do without these incredible makeup tools. Sakshi Chhabria brings to you our list of seven ingenious makeup buys!

Whether you are a makeup novice or have been experimenting with colour cosmetics as a pro, it’s crucial to have a collection of makeup essentials that will allow you to create a  go- to everyday look. Fingertips might be your all-time favourite tools but when it comes to looking polished and professional, investing time and money in a few  ingenious tools are mandatory. Here’s presenting 7 tools and gadgets that are prescribed for every makeup artist.

Blender Brush 
Blending brush can be used to apply liquid foundation or body makeup for a medium to full coverage, but the density of the brush makes it perfect for superfine powders or mineral foundation for a fuller coverage.
We recommend: Urban Decay blending brush.

Blush Brush 
Blush brushes are domed and fluffy. A blush brush is used for, well, blush. The brush is designed to lightly apply pigments to the apples of your cheeks, giving you a flushed, rosy tinge.
We recommend: Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

Concealer Brush 
A Concealer brush essentially looks like a very small version of a foundation brush. The concealer brush is used to cover any imperfections and it also brightens up the dull areas on the face.
We recommend: NYX Professional Makeup Spot Concealer Brush.

Makeup Organiser Box 
Keeping an organized makeup aids in making sure that what you put on your face and what you put them which are both clean. That’s a sure shot way to keep breakouts at bay! 
We recommend: Jerry Box 360 Rotating Makeup Organiser box.

Electric Makeup Brush cleaner
Electric makeup brush cleaner  with a powerful spinner fully cleans the brushes in a matter of seconds. Compared to manual cleaning, this electric cleaner removes all the dirt material and prevents us from skin problems. 
We recommend: Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner

Eyebrow kit
Eyebrows are an important facial feature as they aid in framing  and shaping of the eyes and play a powerful role in communication, too. There are three basic brow brushes used – the spoolie, the mascara brush and the slanted brow brush.
We recommend: PAC eyebrow brushes 

Electronic Eyelash Curler 
An eyelash curler doesn’t cause any pain and it can completely transform your eyes in a matter of seconds. Just curling your lashes and adding a coat of your favourite mascara can be a complete game changer!
We recommend: Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler

So, that was all from us on make-up tools! Before you whisk off to search for these amazing finds, stay tuned with us for more exciting listicles.

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