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“A Day in my Life is like a Race!” – Elton Steve Vessoaker

by Sandra Siansiam Koch

Sandra Koch from Professional Beauty India gives you a peek inside a busy but exciting life of an accomplished artist, Elton Steve Vessoaker.

Elton Steve Vessoaker is a flamboyant hair & makeup artist and an educator. Elton who is currently associated with Kiahmoi Salon, Mumbai, India’s first 100 per cent vegan, gender-neutral boutique salon, accurately describes a quintessential day in his life.

The beauty magician began his career twenty-three years ago within the four walls of his modest Bandra home. Over the last two decades, a journey of ambition, determination, and a lot of hard work has led him to where he is now. 

Aside from making a difference in people’s lives at the salon, he enjoys what he does even when he is swamped. It is not amusing to be in his shoes because an extremely hectic day for us is a typical day for Elton puts it, “A Day in my life is like a race!”

Here’s an excerpt from Elton’s Interview.

Kickstarting the Day:

I begin the day with a gym session. As after a particular age and over two decades of living a hairstylist’s life, well one needs the gym.

I am a morning person so I like to start my day by 10:00 AM. I usually do only technical treatment like colour in the first 3-4 appointments. As I like to see my client’s hair in natural daylight. These are also lengthier services so I don’t start them off too late.

One needs to keep the body hydrated, especially in our field, where an artist has to stand for long hours. So in my daily routine, I do follow this and keep myself hydrated with water, watermelon juice and coconut water. As there are few hectic days at the salon which results in skipping my lunch. Hence, liquid intake at such times helps me a lot. 

Noon Tide:

I am usually booked with haircut appointments later in the afternoon i.e post 2:00 PM. 

I work in one-hour increments until 5:00 PM. As I don’t like going to the salon after 6:00 PM.

Apart from hairdressing and make-up, I am also passionate about singing, dancing, cooking, playing the piano, acting, and so on. These kinds of activities truly inspire me and help me with my craft. Hence, post my salon hours I sometimes attend the rehearsals to support these arts.

A Cocktail Hour:

Evenings are for socialising and reconnecting with my friends and peers. And dancing and enjoying live music. 

After 9.00 PM, I enjoy catching up with my various circles of friends over good food and cocktails. I enjoy seeing live music and having a good dance party.

Like everyone else, I do work hard and play hard. But Because I work so hard, I make an extra effort to party hard!

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