A Green Makeover for Vipul Chudasama Salon & Academy


As we celebrate World Environment Day, we bring you the latest addition to the green salon movement – the Vipul Chudasama Salon & Academy.

As we celebrate World Environment Day, we bring you the latest addition to the green salon movement – the Vipul Chudasama Salon & Academy.

Sustainability is a rapidly advancing concept across various industries in the world – the salon industry is right at the forefront of this revolution with several initiatives that urge its professionals and businesses to ‘go green’.

Inspired by the global demand and popularity for ‘green salons’, Vipul Chudasama has introduced his salon and academy to the benefits of eco-conscious sustainable practices and design.

The hair maestro has now opened the doors to his revamped flagship salon and academy, with a slew of sustainable innovations that promise an enriched experience to his clients and students. Moreover, Vipul Chudasama Salon and Academy has expanded its expertise from hair and make-up to skin and nails for a holistic approach to your beauty and grooming needs.

Bigger and better
Located at Pali Naka in Bandra, Mumbai, Vipul Chudasama Salon & Academy is spread across two floors catering to the best in beauty and hair, with an award-winning team of hair specialists. With one floor dedicated to the salon and academy each, the spacious interiors offer a relaxed vibe with state-of-the-art facilities and comfort. The new space accommodates multiple stations for styling, mani-pedi, makeup, and other services with the best of global brands such as L’Oreal Professionnel, RICA, Orley, Skeyndor and more.

Sustainability is the key
The re-imagined Vipul Chudasama Salon and Academy introduces a plethora of new practices and features that facilitate sustainable business.
•Both Salon and Academy floors are lit by energy-efficient LED lamps.
•The wash units in the salon are fit with specially-designed faucets by Maletti, which offers 30 – 40% air pressure to reduce water wastage.
•The staff has been trained to reduce, reuse, and recycle with practices such as turning off the taps while shampooing, reducing foil usage while colouring, or using alternative techniques that avoid wastage.
•Clients are made aware of and encouraged to choose natural styles that reduce the usage of dryer and heat styling.
•The entire salon and academy interiors have been designed and constructed with sustainable material like wood.

Speaking about his ‘green salon’ initiative, Vipul Chudasama says, “We may have a long way to go to be fully sustainable in our business. However, these initial steps are expected to make a huge impact on our day to day activities — and also serve as an example for hair and beauty professionals who wish to be a part of this revolutionary concept. Clients are also noticing the changes and have appreciated the efforts, which encourages us to keep moving forward with bigger and better goals.


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