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A Key To Successful Beauty Photography

by Professional Beauty India

With the advent of e-commerce and other digital mediums of sales and promotions, product photography has taken the center stage. And as the demand for beauty products is increasing, the product photography is becoming a full-fledged and more sought-after career option for many aspiring photographers. 

However, actual beauty photography involves shooting close-up images of subjects, highlighting their attractive features for editorial, commercial, or personal purposes. And this is the real definition of beauty photography. Priyanka Parshurami gets you primary insights and sneak peek into the key highlights of beauty photography from Navin Thakur, a Beauty and Fashion Photographer.

Difference between Fashion and Beauty Photography:

The majority of the difference, from the photographer’s perspective, lies in the technique of shooting. Fashion photography is more garment and supporting accessories oriented. While in beauty photography it’s all about the face, the makeup and the hair styling. 

Beauty photography will be in the broad category of a headshot, while fashion will contain a lot more elements to complement the theme. 

Key Guidelines To Follow:

  • Beauty photography calls for attention to the face, makeup and hair and to get the crispness and sharpness
  • The selection of a correct softbox is needed. This would be the Beauty Dish. 
  • The beauty dish is made in a way to avoid specular highlights on the face. And enhances each and every aspect of the face.
  • The Beauty dish with a silver inside will have more contrast lighting. While the one with a white inside would create a more Softer look.
  • Lighting is the KEY aspect of aesthetic beauty photography.
  • The photographer has to have an eye for lighting.  Sound technical knowledge of Studio Lighting is the key to successful beauty photography.
Courses and Learnings:
  • There are some international photographers who have courses on sale for studio lighting.  The best one in my opinion is Lindsay Adler. 
  • A lot of photographers need hands-on practical training for the same rather than a video-based course. 
  • I have designed my own course on Studio Lighting. An in-depth detail of Lighting for Beauty and Fashion photography.
Message for Aspiring Beauty Photographers:

#1 Learn Makeup: A Photographer needs to know the basics of Makeup to successfully bring out the details in his shots. As much as he should know the technicalities of beauty photography. He should also know how much contouring is right for the lighting setup in the shoot.

#2 Before starting to shoot your shots, make sure the details are all perfect in the Camera. Never depend on post-processing for correcting hair or makeup or lighting. It has to be done correctly in-camera.

#3 Practice is the key to becoming better at the craft.

#4 Collaborate with Makeup and hair stylists and models to shoot as much as possible. As it fine-tunes your hands and knowledge of beauty photography.

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