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A red Valentine’s makeup look is a cliche, try this instead!

by Arun Shirishkar

Ditch the cliche red this season of love, and divulge into alternate colours to spice up your look!

Wearing a red makeup look on Valentine’s Day is a classic. It’s romantic. You can never go wrong with a bold red lip. However, it’s also predictable as hell. It’s the obvious choice that all the beautiful biddies will be choosing to rock on the day of love. Why not choose an alternate colour palette and create a look that is still sexy, romantic, but one that is not the plain red?

Swap the bold red for a brick shade!
Monochromatic looks are all the rage these days. They are in-trend, easy to do and look as chic as ever. You can easily swap your red lipsticks for brick or terracotta nude that make your pout fuller and will be the perfect ‘your lip but better’ colour. For your eyes you can apply a brick brownish red shade all across the lid and you will be good to go. Add a dull gold or brown shimmer shade for a more glam look. 

The girl next door
On Wednesdays, we all wear pink. Why not wear it this Valentine’s? If you want to unleash the girly girl within you, pink should be your pick on this holiday. You could opt for a more complex, pink cut crease eye look or simply throw on a matte pink lipstick instead. The lipstick can be a muted pink toned one or a bright fuschia, the options are endless. 

Deep winter colours
The mid of February marks the final few weeks of chill in the air. Embrace the final few days of nippy cold days and incorporate the deeper and darker tones into your makeup look. Incorporate the deeper tones of plum and maroon into your look. You can choose to opt out of applying eyeshadow and use a dark purple eyeliner and create a dramatic wing instead. You can never go wrong with a dark bold lip to tie your look together. Keeping the rest of your makeup simple, dewy and fresh would be the ideal choice.

All that glitters!
We all love a glittery and shiny moment every now and then. What a better time to pull out the glitter guns on your Valentine date night? Sweep across a glitter shadow or just add it to your inner corner for that pop. You can also choose a metallic lipstick for a glam look.

These looks are sure to swoop your date off their feet and be a perfect Valentine’s day look!

Image Courtesy – Pinterest.com

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