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A whisper of white!

by Arun Shirishkar

Neons and bright colours are your staple summertime colours. Payal Upase brings to you a new hue, that is screaming to be a part of your makeup look this season!

Experimenting with new makeup looks is every makeup lover’s guilty pleasure. It is time to add a touch of white to your eye makeup this season and make a statement with your makeup.

Just Wing it!
Add the perfect white element to your eyelook by replacing your black liner with a white one. White, being a neutral shade helps in making your eyes look brighter. Donned by celebrities this white eyeliner can be the perfect addition to any monochrome or poppy outfit. You can pair this eyeliner up with a dark bold lip while keeping the rest of your makeup soft and dewy. A beach party can be the perfect place to try out this white eyeliner look!

Kohl it white!
While we all love and treasure our black kajal pencil, try swapping it for a white one every once in a while. White kajal helps open up your eyes and makes it look bigger. Whit kajal on your waterline will help you add an ounce of character to your makeup look and tie it together. This can be a perfect look for an afternoon lunch or brunch!

Brighten Up!
White accents can help you achieve an illuminated look in minutes. Dab some white eyeliner in the inner corner of your eyes and coat your lashes with mascara. Swipe some neutral light brown eyeshadow across your lid to ensure no veins are visible and your eyes pop. This makeup look is the perfect one for your last minute parties.

Creasing it
A white cut crease has been a big part of the accent makeup trend.  The best way of wearing it is by wearing it alone. White cut crease just needs a dewy base and you’re all set! Got a cocktail party to attend? This look is sure to grab everyone’s attention and make you the talk to the party.

The white eyeshadow trend has been tried by all celebrities, bloggers, models and tik-tokers. With these simple yet chic ways, we hope that you too would give it a whirl! Hop on to the trend and put your best face forward!

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