Achieve the effortless makeup look this festive season


Want to nail the ‘No Makeup-Makeup’ look, just like the Bollywood actress, Hina Khan did? Keep scrolling through to find out, how you could recreate this look!

Donning a bold eye look or even a bold lip is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are times when you wish to go light on your makeup, but still wish to look afresh. You want to achieve the glow from within look, but in a minimalistic way. If you think this article is talking to the makeup enthusiast within you, well my friend then you are at the right place. Taking cues from Hina Khan, we have some easy steps listed out which you too, can follow to look fresh and nail this effortless look.

Before you dab in your foundation, prepping your skin is a must. Start by applying a generous amount of primer because you want that makeup to shine through the entire day. Up next, pick your favorite foundation and blend it thoroughly, don’t forget your neck. Give your face a sculpted look by contouring it. To make sure that your face isn’t looking too cakey, it’s time to set your foundation with some loose powder. It’ll take a few minutes for your setting powder to do its magic. In the meanwhile, lets start on our eyes.

For that soft eye look start by using a matte brown eyeshadow, as a nice base to even out any pigmentation and make it look uniform. Next, take a dark brown shade and apply that shade in your crease. Blend that out to make it look smooth and clean. Take that same shade and add it to the outer area, this will help the eyeshadow look harmonious. Once everything is blended out, you can use a shimmer or a pressed glitter eye shadow in the same brown family with flecks of gold and dab it in the centre of your eye. This will make your eyes pop and create a natural halo look. To finish off the eye makeup, add a thick coat of mascara to the eyelashes and tight line your eye. The final step would be defining the eyeshadow with a thin line of eyeliner. Try not to go too overboard with this.

Blush and Lips
Now that the eyes are done, you can dust off your bake and bronze up the skin a bit. Also, adding a bit of a mauvey earthy tone blush will tie the whole natural, ‘no makeup- makeup’ look together. As a final touch to the whole look, a nude lipstick of your choice can be applied. It can either be a nude with a brown undertone or a pink undertone as used by Hina Khan.

There you have it, a complete breakdown of this flawless look that can be worn to any event, party or function. Go be the pataka this festive season!

Written by Payal Upase and Purnima Vasaikar


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