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All you need to know about bridal hair

by Arun Shirishkar

Bridal hair expert Rama Gosai Sandhu speaks about the latest trends and gives out handy tips.

Bridal hair expert Rama Gosai Sandhu has been working in the industry for over two decades. Her experience includes working with models, fashion designers and celebrities as well as scores of brides-to-be. She also runs our Hair Pro Academy to share her years of experience and knowledge with other students with similar interests.

In an exclusive conversation with Professional Beauty, she talks about the latest bridal hair trends and tips for aspiring hair professionals.

How has the hairdressing and salon industry changed from when you started? How has been your professional journey?
I have been in this field for more than 24 years. There have been many changes in the industry, not only regarding products and styling but also in terms of techniques.

Earlier, this profession was not considered an actual vocation, but now things have changed. People want to know about this profession and want to learn all they can so that they can keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

Now that hairdressing is a skill profession, it has changed. As technology continues to develop, new techniques are created. There are new technicians now, and many people are eager to learn and educate themselves about the hairdressing industry. The industry, therefore, has undergone a major transformation. Even during and after the pandemic, there were innovations, like a lot of brands launching their sanitisers and masks, and there was a shift toward online education and sustainability.

What are the top trends for the season in terms of bridal hairstyles and make-up?
Traditional bridal make-up trends are very minimalistic and clean. Your skin should look as smooth and flawless as possible without the use of heavy foundations.

It’s best to keep your expression natural and let your hair breathe using minimal accessories so that it looks shiny and pretty. Another key component of the bridal make-up trend is the hairstyle. Also, the times have changed so brides can now choose whatever they’d like when it comes to their hairstyles!

Expect variations of the latest trends such as open hair, semi-updo, long hairdressing, curled hairstyles, and even some braids with real flowers!

What tips would you like to give to aspiring hair artists?
My advice to aspiring hairstylists is to keep practicing – but also make sure you’re constantly thinking of ways that you could continue learning and developing not just your expertise in a particular area, but also in general. There’s always something new out there for you to pick up if you’re keen on elevating yourself as an individual and as your career grows along with other people’s professional level of respect for your work.

Which hair product did you discover this year that you love?
Keune and Schwarzkopf hairsprays hold and shape hair easily!

Now that we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons from the last pandemic – on the financial and emotional level, what new rules or virtues do you want to put in place moving forward?
Our industry has been through a crisis, but we made it through it – and now it’s time for us to establish ourselves and set up for the future! Many salons and academies were temporarily closed, but I’m certain everyone will bounce back even stronger than before. We’re still doing business as usual here, so I’m eagerly anticipating how incredibly exciting things for the hair industry will be this year.

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