Back to the future – top hair trends for 2020


Amp up your look with the perfect on-trend hairstyles in 2020.

Every year new trends make their appearance on the runway. Thereafter they are translated in many different forms, with each expert adding his own interpretation. 2019 flaunted the bob, modern top knots and big voluminous hair. Read on to know what 2020 has in store for you.

Braid that hair
Skinny braids are ‘in’ and how! Textured and weathered look adds to the oomph factor of braids. These braids are not as simple as they look for it takes the right kind of products to get them looking trendy. What works in their favour is the fact that they can be styled on both long and short lengths. Brownie points for the messy braid as it’s the perfect way to style third-day-hair.

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Do(n’t) mess it up
The classic ponytail will get a twist in the New Year as it plays around with the ‘mess’ factor. If a ponytail is your go-to style, add pizzazz to it by making it messy. By keeping it messy and undone, girl you are all set to get things done!

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Slick hair for the win
2020 styling will be all about the slick look. Taking hair away from your face and creating a slick look can make your facial features stand out and add more depth and definition to your face structure. This hairdo has to be the easiest one to do add an anti-frizz serum to your roots and slick it back with a thin comb and you’ll be good to go. You can also curl the hair at the back of your neck to add more drama to it.

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Sharp & Sleek
A sleek hairdo can be amped up with a strong side parting. This hair trend amplifies the hardness of the hair as it doesn’t contain any volume and gives you a polished look. There is no texture in this look. One can easily attain this look by blow-drying the hair flat and creating a sharp parting.

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