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Beautiful Hearts Foundation: touching lives across the beauty and wellness industry

by Arun Shirishkar

As it is rightly said, ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’, so here is an invention by the beauty and wellness industry, for the beauty and wellness community. Beautiful Hearts Foundation is an initiative by Blessing A Manikandan, CEO of Toni & Guy (South India) which was born out of a desire to support smaller barbers and parlour owners and staff who have been struggling during the lockdown phase. 

Vision behind the foundation

Mr Manikandan says, “On a beauty and wellness community WhatsApp group there was a lot of discussion on the pain points of the beauty industry due to COVID-19. And it was at this time that I observed and sensed the distress faced by my peers in the industry. It was very disturbing for me and I could not sleep for many nights thinking about the present-day industry scenario. And it was then that I decided to start a foundation which will act as a fundraiser for all of them in need of financial support.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the name of the foundation, Mr Manikandan mentioned, “Since it is related to the well-being of the beauty and wellness industry, I thought of this name, Beautiful Hearts Foundation.”

This foundation which had its inception just 10 days ago, already has 50+ bigwigs from the beauty industry as donors. This foundation has successfully helped around 15+ people in urgent need of support from the industry so far. 

Industry Opinion
“Mani (Mr Manikandan) and I were part of the Salon Industry Connect WhatsApp group, where we discussed the plight of small salons and parlours across India. And post that he (Mani) came up with the idea of this foundation. And trust me this is the best initiative which this industry has seen till date. And we hope this phase will pass by soon”, says Mr Uday Takke, Coordinator for Salon & Parlour Association & Nambik Samaj. 

Rekha Chaudhary, ambassador to the Beauty & Wellness Industry said, “A collective mission by the industry through the ‘Beautiful Heart’ campaign has brought about a real change in the lives of those who have lost their jobs during this COVID-19 lockdown.” She further adds, “To do good deeds you don’t need to have big funds, but a small effort and a beautiful heart can go a long way. We need to be drops and work together to become an ocean that can make a big difference. Thanks to Manikandan for taking this initiative ahead.”

Evaluation Process
Mr Manikandan has ensured that the process of the Beautiful Heart Foundation is very simple and transparent. He says “Every member of the group can nominate one person who needs financial aid which has to be approved by any two members of the group. Once the nomination is approved, we assign an “Angel” (donor) to the nominated person who then directly transfers the fund to his or her account. In this process, there are no chances of fraud or money laundering.”

Mr Manikandan wishes to establish this foundation as an association that will eternally help the beauty industry in its well-being. Professional Beauty India celebrates the Beautiful Heart Foundation for standing up as a great cause for the Beauty & Wellness industry.     

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