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Beauty brands that are now selling hand sanitizers

by Arun Shirishkar

Hand sanitizers have been selling out across the world as the COVID-19 has dawned upon us. As it is a public health emergency many beauty brands have started producing and donating hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers help to curb the spread of germs and illness causing bacteria. Beauty brands big or small have geared up and are now selling hand sanitizers!

Around the world, brands that have never before ventured beyond the realms of beauty and fashion are manufacturing medicated hand sanitizers. These beauty brands are making sure that there is an adequate supply of hand sanitizers and face masks. A few brands that pivoting their production to focus on hand sanitizers are Kylie cosmetics, Tan-Luxe, Estee Lauder, L’oreal, Garnier, Dyson, Orly International, Revlon, Priori skin care, La-Roche Posay, L’Erbolario,Orly beauty, Farouk Systems Inc, Ormonde Jayne Perfumery, Zara, Shiseido America Corporation Gucci,Guerlain, Thrive Causemetics, Davines Group, Bulgari. All these brands have risen to the occasion and are selling and donating hand sanitizers to those in

Several brands in India have also ramped up the production of hand sanitizers with a stronger alcohol percentage in them to ensure effectiveness and sanitized hands at all times. The Government of India has put a cap on the price of sanitizers at ₹25 for 100 ml of product. This ensures that the customer isn’t wrongfully charged and it can be affordable to everyone. Brands like Kaya, Vilvah, MamaEarth, HUL, etc have started mass production of hand sanitizers.

Role of hand sanitizer
In the curbing of coronavirus hand hygiene plays an important role. By using alcohol based hand sanitizers, will help us from being infected. Hand hygiene for infection prevention is a crucial part. Thus fast moving beauty brands are ramping up their production and optimising distribution channels to meet the rising demand for hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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