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Beauty hacks for millennial brides

by Arun Shirishkar

We get make-up expert, Dr Bharti Taneja, to spill the beans on what works best for a millennial bride.

Traditional, fairytale or Bollywood — the inspiration for that perfect bridal look come in plenty. And then there’s Instagram, too! Don’t let over-exposure to trends confuse you! We rope in make-up expert Dr Bharti Taneja, Founder-Director of ALPS Group, to tell us about the season’s top bridal make-up looks.

It isn’t easy to be a bride! When it comes to the day of her dreams, there are too many things that vie for the bride-to-be’s attention. The perfect bridal look tops the list. A bride-to-be already has her platter full, so it is the make-up artist’s responsibility to create the perfect look for her.

Creating a mood board

While it is easy to feel all influenced by a celebrity bridal look or a trend, you must not imitate blindly. It is important to think and curate a look that complements the bride’s facial structure and complexion. The make-up look should be in sync with her wedding ensemble and jewellery.

The role of a good make-up expert becomes all the more vital here. The bride and her make-up expert need to work as a team. Start with a consultation, where you both talk in detail about your expectations and inspirations. “While discussing the inspiration, we deconstruct some top bridal make-up looks of the season. From hair to eyes and lips, we need to get it all covered so that the bride finalises a look that is as unique and splendid as her!”

Go classic with a glittery twist

Elegant and timeless, you can never go wrong with this one. Trends come and go but the classic bridal look stays strong, albeit with a few variations. Whether your bride is a traditional, royal or modern one, you can make her look as striking, soft or subtle as desired. Here, the skin gleams with a healthy glow achieved with the help of high definition foundation and subtle contouring. “Yes, we know cameras will capture everything. A soft peachy-brown blush simply illuminates the skin. Balance it all with a peach or brown lip colour.”

We have brought all the focus to the eyes. Most Indian brides are blessed with beautiful eyes. So why not just play with that! Starting with a good eye primer, a soft peachy-brown eye shadow is blended on the upper crease. Apply a smooth gel Kajal all over the lid and blend it upward. A little glitter on the eyeball area brings a big twist. Get a pair of thick false eyelashes and finish the look with white kajal on the water line.

New, bold and contemporary

This one is for the effervescent bride. If your client is gorgeous and confident, this trend can work beautifully on her. Start with a thin layer of base considering the skin undertone. Give depth to the hollows and apply a highlighter over the bones.

Move on to the eyes and apply deep ebony at the crease and blend it outward. Brighten them up by dusting off the corner of the lids with golden shimmer. Winged liner will create a bold statement. Take a brown kajal and smudge it on the lower lash line for that deep, soul-piercing gaze. Finish off with nude orange lips and a natural gloss.

Pretty in pastels

If subtle is your client’s style and your forte, this look is made for you two. Quite popular among the millennial brides, especially the ‘minimalistic’, ‘barely there’ lovers, this bridal look is all about looking fresh and mesmerising. Also, those planning for a day wedding can trust this make-up look completely.

A natural-looking matte base sets the tone of this look. Supple and spotless, the skin takes centrestage. Enhance the natural beauty with cream blusher or cheek tint. For eyes, all you need is smudgy soft brown liner on the lower lash line, a smudgy liner on the upper lash line and a single natural brown eyeshadow in matte finish. Seal the look with a long-lasting pink lipstick with brown undertone.

With such ravishing looks at hand, every bride-to-be who sits in your chair will turn out to be a queen, in her full bridal glory.

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