Brighten your skin with Pixi’s new Vitamin C range


Serving us with their power packed skincare products, Pixi beauty brings another addition to our skincare regime – the Vitamin-C collection

Add a dose of Vitamin-C to your skincare kit with Pixi’s Vitamin-C collection. It helps to energize your skin while protecting it to Pixi perfection! Created by Petra Strand, the Vitamin -C Collection not only exfoliates and nourishes but also gives radiant and glowing skin using innovative formulations infused with beneficial ingredients. With being an essential nutrient in repairing tissue, Vitamin-C helps in the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. Which in turn helps in brightening your skin and helps to boost collagen production.

The Vitamin-C collection from Pixi consists of a range of products ranging from Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser, Vitamin-C Tonic, Vitamin-C Serum, Vitamin-C Lotion and Vitamin-C Caviar Balm.

Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser
It’s a brightening cleansing water with stable Vitamin-C for potent antioxidant effect. Use daily to cleanse skin. Ferulic acid and probiotics in the cleanser help to preserve and protect skin.

Vitamin-C Tonic
The Vitamin-C tonic has potent antioxidant power, promotes healthy collagen production and is known to boost skin luminosity. Probiotics help fortify skin’s barrier while willow bark & fruit extracts gently exfoliate, must be used daily after cleansing.

Vitamin-C Serum
Brightening & antioxidant serum provides a boost of immediate and long term radiance. Vitamin-C & ferulic acid are proven to reduce the effects of sun damage & free radicals, helping to improve skin tone and creating a smoother, a must use after daily cleanse and tone.

Vitamin-C Lotion
Skin brightening moisture lotion infused with Vitamin-C which has potent antioxidant power. It promotes healthy collagen production and is known to boost skin luminosity.

Vitamin-C Caviar Balm
Encapsulated vitamin mask with encapsulated vitamins to melt into the skin. The balm has potent antioxidant power, promoting healthy collagen production and is known to boost skin’s luminosity.

With such vitamin-C enriched products at hand you can give your skin the needed collagen and vitamin-C boost, now available on Sephora.


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