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Can social media help make your salon business a brand?

by Arun Shirishkar

The internet and social media were taken up by a storm as the lockdown was announced. As the salon businesses shut down shop it was only through this digital medium that they could communicate with their audiences. Many salon owners also took this as an opportunity to make a brand out of their salon business through social media.

In this article, Ami Savla Hemani, founder of Socialize Store and social media expert shares insights on building a salon brand through social media. Read on to know more!

The Importance Of Having A Social Media Presence For Salon Businesses
For any business to reach their target audience, a social media account can play an instrumental role. Many salon businesses have utilized the past six months of lockdown as an opportunity to upskill their salon employees, enhance their skills and make their salon a space that is hygienic and safe. However, this is also the best time to revamp and upscale their social media presence.
Salon businesses that do not own social media accounts, this is a great time to open up your business to a larger audience through the means social platforms. As Ami Savla Hemani says, “Social Media is the game of today and you should ace it”.

Social Media Content That Helps Build A Salon Brand
The foremost advise that Ami shares is to have a content plan in place for social media accounts of any salon. A mix of knowledge sharing content, testimonials, interactive and fun content and promotional content makes the right fit to engage and attract audiences towards the brand.
According to Ami, posting 15 to 18 posts a month can yield best results for the reach of your social media page. Any salon brand must have a content plan of about two months in place to ensure the quality and quantity of content that goes up on their social media accounts. Consistency plays a key role creating a reach for your salon business amongst the target audience.

Ami strongly recommends every salon business to have a social presence of Instagram, Facebook groups and communities and Whatsapp as they have your target audience database ready for you. Building engaging content on these mediums can be greatly beneficial the salon business. Watch this space to know more about creating quality content and tips to upgrade the social media presence of your salon business.  

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