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Can wearing a mask effectively prevent coronavirus transmission?

by Arun Shirishkar

As per the recent report released by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, wearing a three-layer or surgical mask can effectively prevent coronavirus transmission.

The two major safety norms followed by the world since the outbreak of COVID-19 are social distancing and wearing facial masks i.e. either a 3 layer or surgical. However, no one was 100% sure if these factors were working or not in the desired way. But as per the recent report by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, wearing of a facial mask can effectively prevent transmission of coronavirus. This report was based on a case study observed at a hair salon in the United States of America a few months ago.

Case Study
This incident was reported in Missouri, USA. Two hairstylists of a salon were tested positive for COVID-19. The results arrived in the third week of May 2020. However, in the tenure of developing the symptoms and getting tested, they had styled about 139 clients. As a result, county health officials had to carry out the procedures like disinfecting the salon, staff quarantine for a period of two weeks along with contact tracing, identifying a total of 139 clients, and getting them tested.

The challenge for the officials was that only 67 out of 139 agreed to go for a test. However, the sigh of relief was when all of one is tested were reported negative and the ones who refused to test failed to show any symptoms of COVID-19. On further probing in the issue, it was highlighted that the majority of clients wore masks for the entire duration of their appointments, which ranged in duration between 15 minutes and 45 minutes including the 2 infected stylists. The clients mostly wore cloth masks or surgical masks, while about 5 per cent wearing N95 respirators. 

The researchers are now assuming that, although large droplets emitted by people when they cough or sneeze are primarily responsible for spreading COVID-19, the smaller droplets released during ordinary speech are also potentially dangerous. And this widespread adoption of face masks and coverings in public settings can prevent transmission of COVID-19.

This study has shown that masks can be effective in curbing the rampant spread of the virus. For salons to sustain their business and stay on the top of their game, it is important for salon owners to encourage usage of masks for employees and clients too.

Source: Premium Beauty News

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