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Check out Cadiveu’s Plastica dos Fios smoothening treatment

by Professional Beauty India

Cadiveu’s latest offering is the perfect addition to your salon’s summer menu as your customers seek out anti-frizz and smoothening treatments for their summer-worn tresses.

Cadiveu has recently launched Plastica dos Fios, an intensive smoothing treatment that minimises the volume, removes frizz, offers smooth hair strands, and is controlled for up to three months. It strongly nourishes and deeply hydrates the hair strands in addition to giving an incredible shine and reinforces the structure, preventing the breakdown. It contains acai, a Brazilian fruit, which helps with reconstruction and arginine that prevents hair loss and breakage. It intensely restores the hair with a perfect smooth effect. It is basically a high-protein supplement for the hair that helps to heal damage quickly while also leaving it silky and lustrous.  The range contains Plastica dos Fios Step 1 Pre-Sealing Shampoo that deep cleans the hair strands; Sealing Thermal Step 2 that enhances the natural smooth effect and leaves the hair shiny and frizz-free; and Step 3 Sealant Mask that promotes the maximum hydration of the hair minimising frizz and highlighting the smooth effect.

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