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Come one, come all: Celebrate Global Wellness Day 2020

by Arun Shirishkar

The Global Wellness Day 2020 is around the corner and making its way with an all-new theme!

Mark your calendars as for the first-time-ever, June 13th is going to be celebrated as the official International Wellness Day. Started in India in 2015, Global Wellness Day has reached different corners of the world. It has more than ten lakh followers and is building its momentum every passing year.

Under the support and guidance of Dr Rekha Chaudhari as a wellness ambassador of India, this day is set for celebrations across the globe. For this year the theme is ‘Well-being lifestyle’. 

Global Wellness Day 
For this year, the social platform will create awareness in the entire world for the importance of living well. Right from exercise and beauty treatments, spiritual teachings, and ways of thinking to the harmony between the body and the spirit, the platform will cover it all!

Why do you need to celebrate?
As we, humans are always packed with our busy lifestyle, this day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our wellbeing. It helps us in spacing out from the monotony of life and meet our inner self. The global wellness day is nothing less than a celebration of lifestyle. The current times demand more activities that focus on wellness and to spread more awareness on the importance of wellbeing.

Dr. Rekha Chaudhari is the Global Wellness Ambassador for India and a social entrepreneur of non-profit organizations like OLWE (JSWE). She is also the founder of Oneline Wellness.

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