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Cope & Hope Part 1 at Professional Beauty’s Virtual Beauty Week

by Arun Shirishkar

Professional Beauty UK hosted its first online world spa and wellness convention via PB TV under its trending Virtual Beauty Week concept. We bring you the key takeaways from these inspiring sessions.

The focus area for Professional Beauty’s Virtual Beauty Week was ‘COPE & HOPE’ How to cope immediately for your Spa business. 

Speakers in the first part of the session were Frank Pitsikalis – Chairman ISPA Foundation & CEO Founder Resort Suite (Canada); Maggy Dunphy, Director of Spa & Wellness Operations Americas HYATT (USA); Jenya Di Pierro, CEO & Founder CLOUD TWELVE (UK); and Marina Efraimoglou, Founder EUPHORIA retreat (Greece). The session was moderated by Mark Moloney, Professional Beauty Group’s managing director, and Jean-Guy de Gabriac, WSWC conference producer and founder of  World Wellness Weekend

Some of the important points under discussion were:

How can spa businesses save on costs while taking care of their employees?
Maggy recommends focussing on people as people are our strength. Reach out to vendors, landlords and utilities, and work with them to create payment plans so you can hold onto whatever resources you can. Consider covering their insurance premiums for several months and/or adding a stipend to supplement unemployment. Where applicable provide delivery and or pick up for self-care items such as shampoo, conditioner, skincare, face masks and nail polish.

How to manage cash flow?
Jenya suggests bringing variable costs down to minimum, staff furloughed and rent extended. You can also negotiate payment holidays with anyone on retainer-ship.

How can spas keep in touch with their clients?  
Marina speaks of a multi-pronged approach to virtual contacts with clients. Giving out advice to maintain physical and emotional health along with spiritual guidance is a unique way of doing it. It is important to establish a direct connection with regular clients. Maggy recommends all forms of communication – from email to text to phone calls. Sending inspiring ‘just checking in’ on you emails – with a number they can call to say hello – is a great way to connect with them. Jenya regards moving operations online as critical whereas Marina supports the idea of free webinars of real value. Frank supports the idea of spa managers digging deep into software, especially working more on YIELD management and Menu Engineering, specifically about dynamic availability and dynamic pricing. Frank also made a presentation of data from the ISPA Foundation. 

All the experts recommend staying active on social media as it is a strong method of staying connected with the clients. 

One of the important factors to weigh in here is what the government is doing to support the industry and the unemployed. Any plan that you chart out for your employees should be in tandem with governmental provisions.

The experts covered all this and more in the panel discussion that you can watch on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDU7I_AtAf-YgLX0X8YtQyg

The next topic under Cope & Hope was about social distancing. Stay tuned!

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