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Coty to fight beauty cyber bullying

by Arun Shirishkar

Coty has partnered with Cybersmile Foundation to tackle beauty cyber bullying with Rimmel. #IWILLNOTBEDELETED campaign is trending now.

115 million – that’s the number of images that women delete from their social media accounts every year. Why? Because of beauty cyber bullying. With unrealistic beauty standards, women are the easy target for cyberbullying and trolling. From judging their looks, weight, clothes and colour to trolling them for being themselves, women have to face the threat of cyberbullying constantly.

So, deleting their pictures is the only option for them. 1 in 4 women have experienced beauty related cyberbullying. Coty has taken up this cause and partnered with Cybersmile Foundation. With Rimmel, Coty aims to popularise its #IWILLNOTBEDELETED campaign.

Fight cyberbullying

Beauty cyberbullying is when someone is bullied about their appearance through negative or abusive comments on their social media channels. Women, especially young girls, are an easy prey to this phenomenon. It affects their confidence and self-esteem drastically.

The Rimmel initiative, #IWILLNOTBEDELETED, aims to tackle the societal issues that stop people of all ages from expressing themselves fully on social media due to fear of negative commentary or retribution. This is the key reason people delete social media posts or profiles.

Through a long-term partnership with Cybersmile, #IWIILNOTBEDELETED will spark a conversation about beauty cyberbullying. Rimmel will create an online space where young people can share their experiences and find solutions to this growing issue. Rimmel is committed to celebrating individual beauty and inspiring people to be their authentic selves both on and offline.

With this campaign, Coty will deal with issues of prejudice and discrimination that stand in the way of self-expression. These are based on gender, sexual orientation, disability and ethnicity. The aim is to celebrate the diversity of consumers’ beauty.

As part of the collaboration, Rimmel will work with Cybersmile to create the Cybersmile Assistant. It will be a state-of-the-art AI-driven tool that will be available for all visitors to the Cybersmile website from across the globe. It will be initially launched in an English speaking language version early in 2019. Eventually the virtual assistant will be rolled out in several languages and recommend approved local resources, helplines and organizations that can help those affected by beauty cyberbullying.

Report on cyberbullying

Coty and Rimmel have also published a report looking at young women’s experiences of beauty cyberbullying. The report spoke to over 11,000 women aged 16-25 across 10 countries to understand the scale and impact of beauty cyberbullying.

Key findings of this report include:

  • 1 in 4 women have experienced beauty cyberbullying.
  • 57% of those who have experienced beauty cyberbullying didn’t tell anyone.
  • 67% of those who experienced beauty cyberbullying lost confidence.
  • 46% of women who have experienced beauty cyberbullying have gone on to self-harm.

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