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Customizable lipsticks now at your fingertips!

by Arun Shirishkar

LipHue launches India’s first AR enabled e-commerce platform for custom lipsticks

Lipsticks are a versatile and universal cosmetic product adored by women all over the world. The ageless and most preferred beauty product has cast a spell over cultures throughout history. LipHue announced the launch of India’s first Augmented Reality (AR) e-commerce beauty platform. 

Augmented Reality
LipHue’s platform uses augmented reality to bring the power into the hands of consumers the ability to not only create their own lip shade but also virtually try it before buying it. With the need for finding the perfect shade of lipstick, LipHue helps you create your perfect shade of lipstick that truly defines you. LipHue helps you create the exact shade of lipstick to go with your perfect mood and occasion. It’s never easy to choose that one lip colour especially when you’re creating your own, right?

Try (virtually) before you buy 
LipHue, a beauty brand that brings the power of technology to create a never like before shopping experience for lipsticks in India. The AR-enabled platform allows the customers to experience in real-time how the lip shades look on them before buying their perfect hue. The customers can choose their preferences of colour, finish, and fragrance. The lipsticks are then handcrafted at the studio. This innovation is perfect for customers who can from the comfort of their homes create their own perfect lip shade.

Star of the hour
Speaking on the launch the founders of LipHue, Avni Sricharan & Dyuti Waghray, said, “We are in the era of personalization and customization, where consumers increasingly want choices tailored to their desiderata and lifestyle. We want to pioneer this transmutation in cosmetics in India from ‘buying the standard shade of lipsticks’ to making the impeccable one!”

LipHue is a young home-grown luxury cosmetic brand that started its exclusive Lip Studio in 2019 in Hyderabad is now online with its e-commerce portal that helps users personalize the lipsticks.

You can visit their website, https://www.liphue.com/ for more details.

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