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Decoding winter skincare with skin experts

by Arun Shirishkar

The days to sip a hot cup of coffee, wear hoodies, curl up in your blanket and get cozy are here. Winter has arrived and with those glorious chills it also brings skin woes. Read along to know about what our experts have to say to about winter skin care.

How Does Your Skin React To Winter?
As winter dawns upon us, people with dry skin start experiencing excessive dry, itchy patchy skin with fine lines and spots of ageing. Your aim should be to lock in moisture and restore the skin’s natural lipid or sebum layer. Just on the opposite side of the spectrum are people with oily skin, who experience their fair share of oiliness during winter. Due to environmental changes, the sebum production increases, making your skin oily.

Those with a combination skin type experience both oiliness and dryness in different parts, while people with a normal skin type remain the lucky ones with lesser troubles.

The Expert Talk
According to Dr. dermatologist Dr.Shefali Trasi of La Piel Skin Clinic, skin during winter needs to be cared for tenderly. Identifying the level of dryness skin and using the right moisturiser for it is key to keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Moisturisers can be gel based, cream based or lotion based with emollients, humectant or occlusive.

While Occlusive are used for people with extreme skin conditions, emollients and humectants moisturisers are suggested to people according to their skin type. She suggests moisturisers that contain humectants as their moisturising agent for people with oily skin and moisturisers that contain emollients like shea butter, lanolin etc. as moisturising agents.  

Skin expert at Aureana suggests, for people with dry skin to use a product that has high natural oil or emollient content along with natural hydrators like aloe vera or Vitamin C. While people who have oily skin to look for lightweight, oil-control products that have high levels of skin hydrating ingredients like green tea, Calendula extract which will help you restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier. The Aureana range of moisturisers has a product for all skin types.

The best time to use a moisturiser for your skin is after a bath as your skin loses hydration. Winters could be a tough time for your skin, consult experts and seek guidance, be wise and choose the right products.

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