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Dermatologically tested skincare, brought to you by Re’equil

by Arun Shirishkar

At Professional Beauty India, we aim to spread the word about brands we love. We will be bringing to you several such brands that are authentic, great quality and deserve your attention. Stay tuned for more articles in this series!

Re’equil was founded with the vision that every person deserves to have a sense of self-belief by overcoming their skin and hair concerns. Going by that guiding force, we sell effective, honest, and reliable products that are dermatologically tested and help repair damaged skin, hair and scalp, which help people feel confident. At every step of our journey, we are responsible for our product offering, responsible to our customers, responsible for society and responsible for everything we do.

Undoing the damage with skincare
In the present times, we breathe in a world, which is progressing technologically, but deteriorating environmentally. Impurities in the air and water have impacted the quality of skin and hair drastically. At Re’equil, we understand the stress people feel with their damaged skin and hair and how they have wasted money on products that do not work. They not only lose hope but also stop believing in themselves.

Research and Clinically proven products only
At Re’equil, our research and customer care team go the extra mile to offer honest and effective dermatologically tested products with clinically proven ingredients so that people with such skin and hair concerns love how they look and build back their self-confidence.

CSR Initiative
Guided by compassion, as part of our CSR initiative, we utilize our earnings towards the wellbeing and upliftment of underprivileged kids. For every purchase made, we give a mid-day meal for an underprivileged child, thereby incentivizing food to bring them to school.

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