Ditch those frequent hair color touch ups with Okara color radiance range


Rene Furterer brings a new Okara color radiance range which protects and extends the radiance of color-treated hair

The all new Okara color radiance range is filled with the goodness of witch hazel and Okara extracts. The natural-origin witch hazel extract which is a pigment fixing agent, captures and preserves the color in the core of the hair. The Okara extract, rich in amino-acids, similar to those found in keratin, helps to repair hair weakened by color processing. With anti-color fading pH, the entire range has added benefits of being sulfate-free and silicone-free. The Okara color radiance range encompasses of a color protect shampoo, mask and a spray. It makes this range an ideal one as to lock in the color for a longer period of time, thereby giving your hair a healthy shine.

Okara color protect shampoo
This shampoo gently cleanses colored, dyed hair while preventing the dye from fading. It offers a refined floral fragrance along with a generously foamy lather. It is sulfate-free and silicone-free. This shampoo helps in protecting the color from fading up to 92% and its radiance is prolonged for up to 8 weeks.

Okara color protect mask
This deep conditioning mask repairs damaged colored hair while durably preserving color intensity. Using an exclusive technology the mask has a rich and creamy texture and a refined floral fragrance. The color protect mask is silicone-free. The primary benefit derived from this mask is that the color is protected and its radiance is prolonged for up to 8 weeks. Hair is repaired, completely detangled and has a vibrant shine.

Okara color enhancing spray
This multi-benefit spray instantly detangles, enhances and gives long-lasting protection to the radiance of colored, dyed hair. It prolongs color vibrancy for up to 6 weeks. The best part of this color enhancing spray is it’s non-greasy texture.


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