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Driving hair inspiration with Placid Braganza

by Professional Beauty India

Placid Braganza talks about his experience of designing a collection and highlights what keeps him inspired and drives his creativity.

What was your thought process behind the Kromatic looks?
Wella Kromatic is designed to inspire not only hairdressers but also customers and we (Passionistas) have worked really hard to design this collection. We made sure to use all the colours and formulas that were used at our salons and these colours and formulas are our personal favourites. With four diverse colours; cool Mocha, Copper, Red and Brown tones. Every category of colour showcases a different unique personality.

In what way is this collection different?
Apart from having our favourite colours and formulas, Kromatic acts as a great tool for hairdressers during the consultation process and every category of colours fits into a customer’s personality. This collection lets customers feel inclusive by giving them four variants to choose from.

How can the looks be made more wearable?
Making looks more wearable is all about understanding the customer, which helps us curate looks that match their unique vibe. When curating a look for Krishna Mukherjee, I tried to match her lively personality and played off her radiant skin using rustic copper tones that added a beautiful interplay to her tresses. Combining a semi-circular section and weaved foil toned with multiple hues of Copper gave her a fresh look and accentuated her hair, totally matching her vibe.

Tips for hairdressers as they interpret Kromatic looks.
Besides the colour and the technique as Passionistas we have tried to narrow down the process to make them understand that hair colour and cut is no longer about following the trend but customising the looks as per the customers. The portfolio is vast and with Kromatic we can have the freedom to understand exactly what the customers are looking for with their hairstyle and colour.

What’s your take on sustainability in hairdressing?
Sustainability might not be the first word that comes to our mind when we talk about beauty brands but being associated with Wella we can proudly say that this brand cares about social issues and believes in the same. Wella is revolutionising this space one collection at a time and it is an honour to be associated with a brand that also has the same beliefs as me.

What styling trends should one watch out for in the upcoming season?
When it comes to colour trends customers always have Balayage in mind so it is really difficult to pinpoint and say this is the haircut or colour that’s trending. We can always pick from these trending traits and then design someones’ looks. The inclusivity factor that Kromatic provides has the potential to change the hair colour and hairstyle industry.

After the pandemic, the industry is now moving back to offline training. Your comments on this?
It feels good to be on ground and get the reactions from the hairdressers and being a Wella Passionista, education has always been a priority which helps them understand the techniques and ask their queries in real time. It is always good to meet budding hairdressers who want to pursue a career in hairstyling and with Kromatic, it enables them to customise their own blend taking inspiration from these looks.

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