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Eco-friendly and sustainable salons, the need of the hour!

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The salon industry is a high contributor of waste and adds pretty heavily to the landfills. Here are a few tips, dished out by Payal Upase on how you can make your salon less wasteful and more environmentally positive

Eco-friendliness and sustainability have been buzzwords in the salon industry of India in the recent time, but being green is now more than just a trend, it’s a responsibility. Climate change and the projections for our environment are a growing concern, and as large contributors to waste, salon owners have to now be extra mindful of their responsibilities towards a cleaner, more sustainable business practice. Here are a few tips and tricks which you can incorporate in your salon practices to reduce your carbon footprint.

Throw shade, not plastic
One time use only plastic bottles are a big hassle and are adding up too much waste in our landfills. To combat this one can easily recycle and reuse all the plastic containers, bottles and reduce the waste produced by our salon. Support the usage of products made by companies that are plastic positive and take active measures in reducing their carbon footprint. Educating your employees and staff about these practices is also an important step.

Light up responsibly
One of the easiest things to do is to rethink your salon light fixtures. Salon lighting plays a very vital role in its decor and aesthetics, but it is also important to make sure it isn’t burning a hole in your pocket and also in the environment. Switching to energy saving light options, is a practice that will help you in the long term. It will cut your electricity bill substantially and also help the environment. What is better than two birds killed with one stone? Inculcating the habit of every Indian middle class household of switching off the lights and appliances when not in use will save you big bucks.

Eco friendly appliances
Where possible, purchase appliances with a good energy rating. Energy-smart appliances conserve less energy and water than standard appliances. Using natural detergents with your appliances will also help alleviate environmental pollution.

Use reusable linen
Your linen can be a big hassle to recycle and can add up really easily to your waste contribution. Reusing your linens like towels, napkins, bedsheets, aprons, etc can be a great practice. Assure your customers that your linens are washed and sanitized thoroughly. Explain the no wasteful approach to them through message boards to help them understand better.

Use of plants in decor
Using house plants in your salon decor can be the most easiest way to spruce up the place and also contribute towards the green movement. The area around your salon can also be used to plant trees, which will be beneficial for the environment.

Being eco-friendly isn’t a very difficult practice to inculcate. Contrary to belief, eco-friendly practices in your salon don’t cost you too much money and instead attract more customers who are also willing to be a part of your green movement. Eco-friendly and sustainable practices help you in gaining a larger client base and also help you in generating revenue for your salon. Instill eco-friendly practices and see the positive results in your salon and on the planet earth as well. We have to always remember, there is no planet B.

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